iXi Bike: The Future of Alternative Transportaion

Award winning iXi Bike gets you around in style and saves on fuel transport costs. New iXi Bike is a sensible and very economical form of alternative transport.

(PRWEB) August 29, 2005 -- The award-winning iXi Bike, a new form of transportation, offers a sensible and economical way to travel.

"The iXi is the perfect complement to other forms of transport or even substitute for many gas-guzzling shorter journeys. Easier to use and less cumbersome than a traditional bike, the iXi bike is also far cheaper than any car or cab ride; it's the perfect transport alternative for the environmentally commuter and it'll also save you money," says iXi inventor, Errol Drew.

Winner of a bronze medal in Business Week's 2005 Industrial Design Excellence Competition, the iXi bike offers a revolutionary new approach to overcome some of the negatives long associated with cycling. Gone are the greasy chain, awkward handling, complicated gearing and difficult storage found with most bikes.
Instead, the ultra-chic iXi features a maintenance-free clean belt drive and compact frame with many easy handling features adaptable to any lifestyle. Aside from the obvious environmental and health benefits of riding an iXi instead of driving, it puts and immediate end to your worries about rising fuel costs.

About iXi Bicycle
Striking design and common-sense functionality make iXi a must-have accessory for the modern lifestyle. After more than a century of modern technology, the bicycle is still the most efficient means of transport ever invented, and now the iXi heralds a new era of compact cycling promising to revolutionize short term transport. iXi is available via the iXi website www.ixibike.com, Performance Bike Shops (www.performancebike.com), amazon.com, vivavi.com , and Emerging Vehicles (www.emergingvehicles.com).

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/8/prweb277214.htm