beSatisfied, an Industry Leader Providing a Full Suite of Customer Satisfaction Solutions to the Automotive Industry Announces it Will be Attending the NADA Convention and Exposition Taking Place January 29th Through February 1st 2005 in New Orleans. Booth 6043/6045

beSatisfied provides a full suite of innovative services enabling automotive dealers to track customer issues through resolution with an accountable concern resolution process, measure satisfaction levels, employee performance, customer loyalty and utilize a root cause analysis to determine the underlying reason a problem is occurring.

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) November 20, 2004 -- Services include; CSI Service Drive Follow-Up based on a strategy of providing a long-term shift of improved customer satisfaction by monitoring the individual performance of all service personnel, identifying the dissatisfaction of customers, developing solutions to loyalty issues, and increasing the survey response to the manufacturer. Through our on-line reporting system, all levels of management with authorization will be able to access results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our program is unique because it enables "less than completely satisfied" customers to be monitored until their service concerns are corrected.

SSI Post Sales Follow-Up is built upon the fact that the most effective time to start selling a person their next vehicle is right after they just purchased one. Therefore, the perception of the purchase experience and the overall preparation of the vehicle are vitally important to your future business and satisfaction rating with the Manufacturer. Remain in direct contact with your customer for life! Identify strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle preparation process and improve individual and overall sales personnel performance.

Prospect Follow-Up identifies strengths and weaknesses within your sales organization. The most important factor is that we offer the customer a chance to come back and purchase a vehicle from your dealership through a personal appointment. Our web based data entry and tracking system allows your staff to quickly and efficiently enter and monitor all prospects on an as need basis. The data is automatically uploaded to our national call center where a live, trained marketing research interviewer calls the prospect within 24 hours of the visit.

Teleconference Focus Groups provide the opportunity to increase customer retention, maximize shop absorption, and improve customer satisfaction. By eliminating the geographic limitations of a traditional focus group we are in turn able to reduce travel time and expense for the client and participant. The teleconference scenario also allows the respondent to yield a more genuine response that is not easily influenced by the group. Data is more accurate and the benefits more substantial. beSatisfied will provide an Executive Summary Analysis and a CD recording of the teleconference. beSatisfied is a leading solutions provider of Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Retention programs.

More information: Keith Semok, phone: 800-521-4234.

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