3D Animation for Maritime Trade Shows

VirtueGraphics created a 3D animation to demonstrate yacht mechanical equipment for boat shows. 3D animations have proven to be a powerful marketing tool.

(PRWEB) July 27, 2004 -- VirtueGraphics created a 3D animation to demonstrate yacht mechanical equipment for boat shows, while giving its client a flexible marketing tool. The 3 minute animation featured Quantum's "zero speed" stabilizers, which are hydraulic-powered devices located under water in the middle of the yacht. The animation compared the stability of a yacht equipped with the Quantum Controls stabilizer against a yacht without one.

"3D animation is the best solution to see what happens under water in a controlled way. It is also much more cost effective then true film since we can go with a "virtual" camera under any angle, or potential dangerous place," said John Koop, owner of VirtueGraphics.

"One of the problems in marketing this entirely new technology was the difficulty in explaining to prospective customers (yacht builders and yacht owners) exactly how the system worked. The company had an extremely good word-of-mouth network where the customers who had had the systems installed were very ready to expound on the benefits of the technology but new customers had real problems in understanding the basic physics and practical aspects of how the systems could serve in both modes of ship operations (underway and at anchor)," said Mike Perkins, vice president of business development at Quantum Controls.

Koop's firm initially exchanged e-mails with Quantum Controls, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, about possible ideas for the animation. From there, VirtueGraphics made a storyboard to demonstrate the concept. When Quantum Controls approved the idea, engineers sent the studio AutoCad files of the stabilizers. Virtue Graphics then made models with the AutoCad files, then a small rendered version of the animation for approval before making the final product.

"The animations are played constantly on our computer screens at boat shows and have been a proven attraction," Perkins said. "Our company has expanded the use of animations to demonstrate the benefits of several of our new product/technology developments. We find these animations invaluable in making some of the very complicated physical and technical aspects of our products understandable."

The final animation was made in DVD and CD-ROM format, which enabled Quantum Controls to use the artwork in multiple settings. Sales reps could wander out of the trade show booths with their DVD players to demonstrate Quantum's technology. Stills from the animation were used as artwork in sales literature. The animation was used in training to explain the technology.

"Our main purpose is that the client will sell more products or services via these 3D animation tools. It's an investment with a huge return in the form of increased customers and increased sales," Koop said.
VirtueGraphics has also helped with cross-marketing for multiple clients in the animations. The studio created an image of the Millennium 140 (note to editor: correct spelling) for Mulder Design, a yacht builder, for boat shows. That model, in turn, will be featured in a four-minute animation that the studio is creating to demonstrate Quantum Controls technology.

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