Premier Greetings' Value Strategy Answers Consumers' Concerns About Greeting Card Prices

Andy Meehan, Exec VP of Premier Greetings, says greeting cards convey heartfelt sentiment and the prices should make it easy, not hard, for people to exchange messages.

Pawtucket, RI (PRWEB) August 13, 2005 -- Premier Greetings, the value leader in the greeting cards industry, said a recent survey says Americans think greeting cards cost too much, adding that its greeting card lines are priced, designed and marketed to bring value to the greeting card category, just as consumers deserve.

Andy Meehan, Executive Vice President of Marketing, said, "Our strategy is to bring the best greeting cards to market at the best prices. Our greeting cards are top quality and our prices are quite affordable. Greeting cards are an internationally accepted means of conveying heartfelt sentiment and the prices should make it easy, not hard, for people to exchange such important messages."

Premier Greetings is a division of Paramount Cards, America’s oldest and third largest greetings card company. Hamilton Davison, President of Paramount said of Premier Greetings strategic positioning, "Overpriced greeting cards have given the industry a bad reputation with consumers, and we aim to change that. Premier Greetings competes with the industry giants by keeping its costs down in production and transportation, but never in quality. We feel we are the best in the business at managing our supply chain and controlling production costs and we pass all savings on to our customers by offering great prices."

Meehan said that recent news reports have pointed to a national survey called the "Pulse Report" that says in addition to rising gas prices, consumers think some other products are also too expensive, including cable TV, cell phones, cereals and over-the-counter medications and greeting cards. He added, "Premier Greetings has introduced its value programs to retail chains across the nation with two key results: retailers can make money and shoppers can save money. That's a winning combination."

Based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Premier Greetings supplies leading retailers in the U.S. and Canada top quality greeting cards and traffic building value-marketing programs. Premier is a division of Paramount Cards, America’s oldest and third largest greeting card company, featuring beautifully designed greeting cards, wraps and related products designed by a world-wide network of artists and writers, produced in state of the art factories in North America.

Other Paramount Cards operating subsidiaries include Cardsmart Retail Corporation, a fast growing national chain of value priced greeting card and gift stores; Image Craft, the second largest greeting card publisher in Canada and supplier of over 90% of the dollar greeting cards sold in Canada; Lawson Falle, the second largest Christian greeting card publisher; Images From The Heart, which markets products including handmade greeting cards sold through; Paramount International is a leading supplier of private label and custom produced greeting cards and related products around the world.

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