Tradewind Strategies Establishes Presence in Beijing; Global Communication Expert, Josef Blumenfeld, to Provide China’s Businesses with Communications Expertise for Improved US Outreach

In the wake of communication failures surrounding bids from two Chinese companies for US companies, noted global communications expert opens office in Beijing. M&A and IPO activities are expected to increase in China - changing how Chinese businesses communicate with the West is a critical factor to ensuring the success of such efforts.

Tradewind Strategies, a US-based global public relations and communications consultancy, today announced the opening of its office in Beijing. With this new presence, the company will be able to serve the pressing PR needs of China’s business community, particularly those companies planning international acquisitions and public offerings.

“China’s business community urgently needs help crafting and driving successful communications efforts in the US,” company founder Josef Blumenfeld explained. “The communications failures of both the Haier and CNOOC bids for American companies illustrates the vast gap in communication styles and standards that exists between China and the West. For Chinese businesses to succeed in the US, trusted strategic counsel must be available and engaged.”

The office in Beijing is the company’s first presence outside the US. “Having one foot in the US and the other in China, will allow us to provide the best possible perspective and service to our clients,” Mr. Blumenfeld said.

With experience managing PR programs in 28 countries worldwide, Tradewind Strategies will also support Chinese economic expansion efforts in other global markets. “Opportunities for Chinese business growth exist across the globe, not just in the US. Tradewind Strategies’ unique expertise can also help China’s businesses succeed in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, for example,” Mr. Blumenfeld stated.

Additionally, Tradewind Strategies will also work with US clients targeting China’s rapidly expanding market. “In today’s global economy, communication, like trade, is a two-way street.”

Mr. Blumenfeld gained much notoriety from his ongoing analysis of the Haier and CNOOC bids; as soon as both efforts were announced, he predicted each would fail. Within 8 weeks, he was proven correct when public ire in the US forced the withdrawal of both bids. Mr. Blumenfeld’s analysis was reported in the worldwide press, including China Business, Xinhua, China Daily, China Business News, Communications Monthly, Media (based in Hong Kong) and

Mr. Blumenfeld also announced that a percentage of Tradewind Strategies’ fees would be donated to the Hope Elementary School program in China. “It is important that we become supportive members of the community we serve,” he said.

About Tradewind Strategies
Tradewind Strategies was founded by Josef Blumenfeld, a strategic communications professional with experience managing PR agencies and programs in 28 countries on six continents. Worldwide, there is a growing need for experienced, global communications professionals. Tradewind Strategies is a consultancy that allows companies to identify international marketing resources and to expand their public relations and communications programs into these new and growing international markets. Clients have including global PR agencies, corporate global giants such as Wal-Mart and Philips, and smaller companies – both in the US, as well as in international markets. Blumenfeld has been quoted in worldwide press, including Fortune, The New York Times, Asian Wall Street Journal, China Business, Xinhua, Globo (Brazil), Media (Hong Kong), UPI, CMO, and Inc. More information can be found at and

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