Gifts Beyond Time and Art Without Borders: Corporate Gift-Giving Functions As A Trans-Cultural Bridge in International Trade and Business Relations

Australia Gift Shop, a worldwide online retailer of Australian gifts and souvenirs at, has announced that it is stepping into the corporate gifts arena for international company conferences and multinational corporation conventions and trade meetings.

Bundaberg, QLD, Australia (PRWEB) August 23, 2005 -- Australia Gift Shop, an international online retailer of Australian gifts and souvenirs at , has announced that it is stepping into the corporate gifts arena for international company conferences and multinational corporation conventions and trade meetings.

This business maneuver is attributable to the simple fact that traditional Australian Aboriginal art stands in refreshing contrast to our hi-tech post-industrial era. In Aboriginal indigenous painting, the mythical Dreamtime of Creation and the traditional tribal life of hunter-gatherers is interpreted and illustrated. This very ancient, even stone-age, ethnic art design is featured on accessories, tableware and kitchenware – including mousepads, teatowels, coasters and placemats.

As articulated by the Sales Manager of Australia Gift Shop, Adrian King, “A fusion of prehistoric and new, culturally borrowed and vibrant ochre and blue, has caught the eye of the corporate global market. When global corporations are hosting international trade meetings and conferences for delegations from their national offices and subsidiaries all around the world, the giving of memorable, exotic and ethnically-distinctive gifts to the delegates is becoming the norm. We are pleased to say that our range of gifts and souvenirs featuring Australian Aboriginal art, combines useful commonplace items with motifs depicting myth and native tradition. These useful art objects, or ‘artified’ utensils, blend unpretentiously into people’s lives and imaginations in the post-modern spaces of the ‘developed’ OECD world.”

Business, especially corporate business, requires structured activity and functional pragmatism. The utilitarian nature of items from Australia Gift Shop suits the pragmatic corporate business attitude, while the artistic, ethnic design motifs contrast and balance this mentality by evoking exotic tradition and spiritual myth. As this balancing act transcends the mysticism of the East and the work ethic of the West, it neutralizes the significance of cultural barriers and dissolves the insecurity of racial differences and national borders. This is undoubtedly good for doing international business.

In situations involving business on an international scale, the simple act of giving a useful and exotic gift certainly helps to foster tolerance, encourage communication and enhance interpersonal receptivity in corporate relations. Giving exotic corporate gifts makes sense for both trade and diplomacy.

About Australia Gift Shop
Australia Gift Shop is an online gift and souvenir shop based in Bundaberg in the state of Queensland in Australia. The online shop began operations as part of the Web Design firm,, in August, 2000. It retails and wholesales gifts from Australia which mainly feature the traditional designs of the indigenous people of that continent, the Australian Aborigines. The product motifs have been drawn and painted by Aboriginal artists in Queensland and New South Wales.

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