FLAVORx Expansion Includes All Major U.S. Drug Stores

FLAVORx announced that its partnering with Walgreens, the nation's largest drug store chain, to bring its current client list to more than 30,000 pharmacies.

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) August 29, 2005 -- FLAVORx, Inc., the industry standard for the flavoring of prescription and OTC drugs, announced that current figures indicate it has partnered with more than 30,000 North American pharmacies.

Many medications are rejected by patients based purely on bitter or bad taste, resulting in the inability of physicians to control clinical outcomes. However, with FLAVORx flavorings, pharmacists are able to offer patients, or their parents, a cornucopia of flavors and can create good-tasting, palatable liquids or suspensions. FLAVORx is committed to achieving higher patient medicinal compliance rates in order to decrease patient sick-days, reduce health care costs and prevent more serious medical outcomes

This summer has proved to be an uncomfortable one for allergy sufferers, but one for which patients have been well-served with the implementation of FLAVORx in all 4,859 of the Walgreens stores. The April, 2005 launch of FLAVORx proprietary flavorings for prescription medications at Walgreens, was highly anticipated. “Teaming up with Walgreens has been an unprecedented opportunity to expand FLAVORx throughout the patient and retail pharmacy communities, where we have been whole-heartedly supported,” stated Kenny Kramm, President and CEO of FLAVORx, an Inc. 500 company.

Proud of adding the nation's largest drug store chain to its elite network of clients, Kramm continued by stating that, “Walgreens can boast of a tremendous retail and Specialty Pharmacy (“pharmacy behind the pharmacy”) program that offers patients diverse health care options, and we are extremely gratified to be working in concert with such a professional organization to advance that mission.”

With the opening of the school year just around the corner and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicating that the coming 2005-2006 flu-and-cold season could shape-up to be the most severe of the previous four winters, it is anticipated that more clinicians will be writing more prescriptions, for more patients, increasing the demand for the panacea of medicinal flavorings by FLAVORx.

The FLAVORx Formulary of FDA-approved flavorings offers the medical patient an alternative to an intrinsically bad-tasting medication, without altering the effectiveness or stability of the medicine; more than 48 million prescriptions have been flavored using the FLAVORx System, without a single report of instability, adverse side effects or allergic reaction. FLAVORx prides itself in its safety record and ease-of administration.

The company has become a standard in pharmacy education with its listing in Remington's, 2003 ed.; inclusion in the best-selling “What to Expect the First Year” by Murkoff, Hathaway and Eisnberg; and a profile in the June 2004 issue of Infectious Diseases in Children. It has convinced doctors that if a patient is unable to receive the therapeutic benefits of a medicine due to taste or smell, then FLAVORx is a primary, optional solution.

Throughout the retail pharmacy community, FLAVORx continues to provide quality, consumer-oriented health care products derived from meticulous research and development that make a difference in the quality of peoples' lives.

To learn more about FLAVORx, visit www.FLAVORx.com.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/8/prweb277655.htm