Business Film Studios Brings Expertise To Business Videos; Adds Dimension To PR Firms, Ad Agencies For Video/Film Support

Brian Dobson and Hugh Daly combine business expertise to offer unmatched video/film support for businesses seeing top quality at moderate cost.

Deer Park, NY (PRWEB) September 2, 2005 -- Business Film Studios, a full service video company specializing in business, marketing and corporate videos, is offering its expertise to public relations, marketing and advertising firms looking to add a video/film capability to their businesses.

Business Film Studios ( specializes in communicating unique strengths of companies competing in a business world where it said, “the best survive and the weak move aside.”

Brian Dobson, Partner, said, “Building the proper image is everything in business. Product quality and price are part of the formula, but how you are perceived in the market is vital. How you manage, project and protect your company and product image is a measure of your success.”

He added, “Business Film Studios is ready to partner with mid-size public relations and advertising firms, so they can more effectively manage creation, strategy and execution of the important videos and DVDs that carry their client's messages.”

Hugh Daly, Partner, said, “The important video piece of how a company presents itself is often done by people not expert in the nuances of corporate communications. That's where Business Film Studios comes in. We are accomplished film and video makers who know the business, understand the dynamic of agency-client relationships and the importance of producing high quality presentations on budget and on time.

He added, “Whether marketing, PR, trade shows or corporate messages, we know what needs to be done, and we do it. Our expertise ranges from pharmaceutical to medical, from food to nutrition, from consumer goods to high tech and from TV news to music videos to motion picture filming.”

Dobson and Daly said they combined experience covering every phase of communicating business messages and will work hand-in-hand with the small and medium sized agencies that often miss out on preparing key video pieces of vitally important client communications.

Conveniently located outside of New York City, Business Film Studios is national in its reach yet offers prices extremely competitive and expertise extremely effective.

The Partners of Business Film Studios are tops in their fields:

Hugh Daly is an accomplished Director of Photography with motion picture, video and commercial credits. An entertainment entrepreneur who studied film at New York University, he can dynamically present corporate and marketing messages on time and on budget. He also founded JHD Productions, in New York.

Brian Dobson is a communications professional experienced in all facets of public relations, video use and media presentations. He was a business news editor at Dow Jones and Reuters news organizations, headed public relations at one of the world's largest companies, American Brands (now Fortune Brands) and was a Vice President of a national consumer products company. His expertise in effectively managing company and product communications messages is world class. He also owns Dobson Communications, in Connecticut.
Business Film Studios, with offices in New York and Connecticut, maintains state-of-the-art production facilities at its headquarters in Deer Park, New York. Business Film Studios provides: full camera, sound and stage support, Broadcast Video Production, DVD Production, Multi-Media CD-Rom, computer related communications programs and formats, duplication services for CDs, DVDs, etc. Visit the company's website at for more information.    

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