Hanavas Haircare Goes Hollywood - Tommy Pruitt, President of Hanavas Haircare Styles Alecia Elliott, Former RCA and Def Jam artist

Alecia Elliott's star shining brighter than ever, she recently visited Marion Thomas Salon, Corinth, MS to have her hair color done as well as styled for a photo shoot.

(PRWEB) May 5, 2005 -- Alecia Elliott had her own television show in L.A. California called "All about us" for a season but now has decided to concentrate only on her musical career. The sultry voice of the 15 year old when "I'm diggin it" released a few years ago now has evolved into a more mature sound. With that she wanted her look to do the same.

Tommy Pruitt, President of Hanavas Haicare put demention into Alecia long locks with two colors for delpth. Alecia now sports an edgy cut as well with the bluntness of the ends. "I am so pround to be a part of this obvious growth in Alecia," quoted Pruitt. "Our company is taking the world of haircare by storm, we get calls daily to do these make over looks for people. As thrilled as we were to do Alecia's hair, we get just as excited when a housewife calls and says I ready to change. My staff is wonderful and we all percieve beautiful hair differently and thats what dressing hair is about. Some may want small change gradually. Others may go for it. Either way we are here and you can have what you want out of your hair," added Pruitt.

"Our model search has been phenominal, wow the applicants are all beautiful." said Jenni Davis, Director. "We are about ready to wrap up on the invite and get down to the judging 'the hard part'," added Jenni. "Allowing an outside firm to do the judging was a great move for us, because all of them were unbelievable. Glad its them," quoted Davis.

"Our Texture line is booming...You'd think the eighties were back," laughs Leslie Dawson, mastor colorist with Marion Thomas Salon, "KeyTexture's supreme technology allows us to give clients color and texture and that is just awesome," added Dawson.

Later this summer Hanavas Haircare will be featured in several magazines so keep a look out.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb236469.htm