Anti-War Clothing Sensation Launches Online Store

In Response to Their Overnight Success, Major Media Coverage, and High Demand for the Company’s Designs, The Original Lefty’s Launches an Online Store.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2005 -- The Original Lefty's have become an underground sensation in the urban fashion world with their anti-war clothing designs, selling thousands of shirts and generating hundreds of articles in record time. Now they are moving their interest from placement in high-end boutiques to the launch of their online store at

In just a year, the underground giant has been placed in all of the finest clothing stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Florida. As they move the line into New York, they are simultaneously launching what will be a huge bonus for company in an online e-commerce site, offering an unparalleled assortment of their original designs, along with never-before-seen merchandise that are exclusively available to the Internet.

The artwork of the line, created by Art-Director/Co-owner Ravi Dosaj, has generated a lot of interest by many A-List celebrities, famed artists and has been embraced by the politically minded youth. The company's most famous image, that of George W. Bush wearing KISS makeup, can be seen everywhere on the West Coast, from billboards on Sunset Blvd. to street signs in suburbia. 'It's an odd phenomenon," Lefty's Co-Owner Coridan Danziger says, 'But what's great is how receptive everyone seems to be to us. Conservatives too. We're making smart clothing and designs that are hard to disregard."

As the line goes online Danziger says the decision was easy, 'We held off from offering the line to anyone but stores, but after we received emails from as far as Australia, China and Iceland, I knew we needed to make them available on the Internet."

For more information on The Original Lefty’s, please contact Sherise Bright at 213.742.9048/e-mail protected from spam bots or visit: for purchases.

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