New Employee Benefit Package Gives Hope to Those Without

In our times the news is flooded with reports of employee benefits shrinking away to almost nothing. This firm, a 32 year veteran in employee benefits, now offers a new product that delivers an extraordinary employee benefit package that every employer can afford.

(PRWEB) February 25, 2005 -- Ever wonder why our parents had such excellent benefit packages and today most Americans have little or no employee benefits? The people who design employee benefit packages are asked this question every day. To give an answer, we have to compare the economy of the United States of 30 years ago, with the economy of today. Phrases like “downsizing”, “lower margins” and “outsourcing” help us to understand our changing world and marketplace.

What can the average employer do to offer his employees something that adds to his “employment package” in a meaningful way? We talked with an industry leader in employee benefits, and discovered some new, exciting and innovative ways that their package brings quality benefits to employees and employers.

Bart of American Benefits tells me that they work hard, with contacts throughout America, to design ways to bring meaningful, everyday savings to the employers and employees that they serve. Bart continues with information that an employee benefit program should include more than healthcare and dental benefits. It should include ways to buy everyday products at a substantial discount. It should help families save money when they travel, and when they move, or need repairs. He also confirms that all of these employee benefits make the employer look great too. But is a package like this costly?

Bart assures us that all of these features are affordable to over 95% of the employers and employees out there. When I saw the numbers I was a believer too. For the moment, we seem to be gaining ground rather than loosing it.

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