A Repurposed "Something’s Gotta Give"

Something's Gotta Give does not include the Minnesota Governor's response to finding the money for at least the basics of required early learning, kindergarten readiness, and ready to read skill building.

(PRWEB) February 26, 2005 -- A lonely citizen and his very small 501 (c) (3) corporation is attempting to have a weblog discussion with the Governor of Minnesota and a forum discussion within the Citizens League of Minnesota. The Governor asked for suggestions, and one was given, that if the money did not exist in the budget, the state should lead a contribution process (giving) to cover 100% of age 3-5 children in at least the basics of required early learning, kindergarten readiness, and ready to read skill building. Starting to create a permanent network school by school to assure this attention to first things first is not lost once it is gained. Several interesting issues would appear apparent:

- The issue has so many explanations, the interested stay defused.
- A population of effective citizens can be so divided it cannot see first things first.
- The powerful, who are rarely seen are not answering this phone call.
- The Citizens League (forum on their site) does not want to weight-in.
- Minnesota Nice means lights out, we will talk about it later.
- Later in spite of the attention this gets internationally (911 commission report page 377 and 378). Great approach to engaging our poorest in their future.
- And at the National Governors Association Winter Meeting where the focus is on an action agenda For Improving America's High Schools http://www.nga.org/nga ;    ….without mentioning in the published summary the importance of being ready to read starting in kindergarten so the child stays engaged in the opportunity and actually gets to high school truly engaged.

So to put some real comedy into the mix one citizen saw a correlation to Something’s Gotta Give and suggested USA VALUES-CDP “repurpose” the themes in the video of this Waverly Films Production by Nancy Meyers. Overall these themes build to a new start at the end. When Jack raises the child over his head the caption could read… Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future®. Give yourself the chance to associate the comedy to the set of events that will set our urban world into changes that keep on giving by giving the power it takes to stay engaged. Early literacy skills delivered to 100% of age 3-6 children is a first things first start. The outline for this repurposing (Cheat Sheet) is posted to the forum at. http://citizensleague.net/forums

Thomas D. Wolfgram
Executive Director

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/2/prweb212553.htm