The SpiritPFC Fuel Purifier Helps Your Engine Run Cleaner and More Efficient!

SpiritPFC Fuel Purifier provides a NEW approach to Improving Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Efficiency. Improve your engine's performance without additives. Increase power output and fuel efficiency and reduce engine deposits.

(PRWEB) November 11, 2004 -- How many times have we heard of a new product that improved fuel economy and reduces emissions?

Most of the time the claim involves "A New Secret Law of Physics", or a secret chemical imported from Transylvania, or some type of mystical alien effect that will cause your car's engine to reverse the fuel burning process and actually begin spewing fuel from your fuel tank!

The old saying, "if it seems too good to be true it probably is", normally applies!

History has shown however that you don't have to create an NEW scientific principal, or be a multi-billion dollar organization, to solve a specific problem. Prairie North Incorporated, has taken a complicated expensive problem and provides a simple effective solution to the internal combustion engine!

The SpiritPFC Fuel Purifier is a non-additive technology that removes many elements from consumer type Gasoline and Diesel Fuels that would normally inhibit the fuels combustion process, BEFORE the fuel enters your engine.

By removing these incombustible components from these fuels, it allows the fuel to burn more efficient, cleaner and with more power!

That is the main reason we use fuel filters, but fuel filters can't remove the elements that are dissolved within the fuel! The SpiritPFC process can!

When the fuel burns more efficiently, common sense will suggest that you will produce fewer emissions. And if the components that cause incomplete combustion can be reduced or removed, the engine will naturally misfires less, ultimately producing more power for the same amount of fuel consumed.

Seems to make sense, right?

Decide for yourself!

Visit the SpiritPFC website or call for more information.

Remember, complicated problems don't always have to have complicated solutions!

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