Fantastic Plastic Sends Metal To The Scrap Yard

The Award Winning rollet®! The rollet® company limited was established to market the rollet® range of RTP products globally. The initial idea for this RTP product was developed in conjunction with UMIST, the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. The rollet® company limited is a joint venture company with United Co-operatives, who are members of the international co-operative movement. The rollet® company, were alerted to the problems of metal roll-cages by major users alarmed at the cost implications associated with the incidents of loss. Statistical analysis from within the logistics industry illustrated an annual 20% loss on all the metal cages being operated. More information is available at

(PRWEB) August 12, 2004 -- Every once in a while a product comes along that is so blindingly brilliant that you can’t help but wonder why no one has thought of it before.

A product that is better in every way than its traditional rival. One that is safer, lighter, more attractive and more versatile than its competitor. It is so simple and yet so clever that buying it is, (as some people would say) “a no-brainer”.

rollet® is just such a product.
The rollet® Company Limited, a joint-venture partnership with United Co-operatives, got together with scientists from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology to create the future in Returnable Transit Packaging. The rollet® is the result, a plastic, light-weight, adaptable carrier which spells the end for the metal roll-cage.

For years users have been aware of the downsides (and even dangers) of metal roll-cages. They rust, bend and warp causing product loss and injury to workers. They are heavy, difficult to manoeuvre and despite being unattractive, they are frequently stolen and sold on a thriving second-hand market. Their limited lifespan means that they then have to be disposed of safely and new EU legislation governing scrap metal has made this more difficult.

rollet® is about to make life so much easier!
It is made of moulded plastic making it light (just 40 kg for a 1500 millimetre unit) and yet incredibly strong. It will not distort so the movement of products is safer and less damage is assured. It is also safer for operators meaning less sick days due to injury.

rollet® is also better looking and more colourful than a metal roll-cage and this is not just a superficial consideration. It can be branded with a company’s corporate identity, which not only heightens awareness but also prevents theft. Each rollet® unit can be RFID enabled making it ‘trackable’. In fact rollet® is so versatile it can be specifically designed to suit each user’s needs.

One last factor. rollet® is more durable than its dinosaur rival the metal roll-cage. When eventually it comes to the end of its working life rollet® still retains a significantly high intrinsic value and is totally recyclable making it environmentally friendly.

With all these advantages, surely there is a catch? A rollet® must be more expensive than a metal roll-cage? But no! Life costs are less… a lot less, so the advantages of rollet® are obvious and the long-term savings are blindingly clear too. Signing up today to use rollet® is, as some people say, a ‘no brainer’.

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