EcoSmellstop system the 3rd Generation Waterless and Odourless Urinal that pays for itself in less 6 month!

Isn’t it time you got yourself right up to date and enjoyed the peace of mind of an efficient, virtually free, low maintenance system for decades to come?

(PRWEB) July 27, 2004 -- The EcoSmellstop system is the final assault on a century old problem. Designed by a hydraulic engineer, the carefully developed and thoroughly researched system is the first original but practical thought on the subject since 1896. A search, by the European patent authorities revealed this fact!

We commenced to market Waterless and Odourless Urinals 21 years ago and it was an uphill battle. Water saving in the early 80ties was not popular and the then popular waterless & odourless urinals available on were very maintenance intensive as they used chemicals and had a tendency to block regularly. This made them very expensive to run. We only reached the top of the hill when we introduced our 3rd generation “EcoSmellstop” system in 2002. Most waterless and odourless urinals are derivatives of an early 1900’s patent. This patent describes a trap using sealing oil as smell barrier. Our 3rd generation system is based on a hypersensitive non return valve and requires no chemicals. It allows solids to pass and has self cleaning properties.

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