BPM Group Runs FREE Process Clinic at Project Expo in London

BPM Group runs "FREE Process Clinic" at Project Expo in London to help businesses assess corporate Process Health.

LONDON (PRWEB) September 14, 2004 -- “Professor” Steve Towers, Chairman of the BPMG, is to lead the BPM Group “Medical Team” at Project Expo in London next week.

Businesses in all markets and industry segments are struggling to reverse trends of reduced profit, falling revenues, knowledge loss, lack of direction, and getting caught in the dreaded marketing-itis trap. These issues are at the heart of sustaining the corporation as a viable entity and strip away the resources businesses need to pursue corporate growth initiatives.

These are all symptoms of Process Disease.
Are these diseases affecting your ability to achieve desired profits, revenues, knowledge retention, corporate direction and avoidance of marketing-itis? Is your business suffering from one or more Process Diseases?

Then come to the Process Clinic! Let “Professor” Towers and his team give your business a process check-up and find out where the Process Health of your organization stands. Backed by over twenty years of study into both the symptoms and causes surrounding these process related diseases and the “cures” that have helped numerous individuals and companies restore corporate process health, the Process Clinic team are experts in business process health.

Speaking about the clinic “Professor” Towers said, “For too long it has not been possible for “process patients” to access the independent “health care” they need. We are grateful to the organizers of Project Expo for providing the facilities to enable us to bring our research to this wider audience. This free check-up is often the stepping stone to the revitalization critical to business success/survival.”

The simple 8 stage diagnostic used by the team has been proven to work in many of the Times Top 100 companies and is now being delivered to businesses around the globe. Encouraging news from the clinic team is that although process diseases are widespread, in most cases a complete recovery can be achieved in a remarkably short period of time.

Project Challenge Expo runs from 22nd to 23rd September at Olympia in London. Registration and attendance are free. To date over 1,000 delegates have pre- registered for the event.

More details on the clinic are available on both the BPM Group website (www.bpmg.org) and the Project Expo website at (www.projchallenge.com)

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