Cuban Missile Crisis

Ever since the Soviet Union defeated the United States in the Cold War by
launching "Sputnik" into orbit first, they thought that they had the"upper-hand". Soviet intelligence therefore thought they had superior
intercontinental missiles. They would soon find out that they were evenly
matched by the United States. When Soviet Union found out about the United

State’s missiles they figured they needed more in order to win but they
couldn't (economically) afford to build anymore. This would soon prove to be a
problem for the Soviets. Cuba. The "launching pad" for the Soviet Union. The

Soviets figured that since Cuba was ninety miles off US shore that the United

States would feel more threatened and it would also be easier to strike quickly
from Cuba than the Soviet Union. It was a great plan, and on October 14, 1962 it
got John F. Kennedy and head of CIA, John McCone’s attention.