American`s Democracy

     Americas role for the next century will be to stay economically stable. That
will be no problem unless something disastrous will happen like another Stock

Market crash or Nuclear Holocaust. America in the future also needs to increase
peace to every nation in the world. America needs to get rid of all poverty and
increase education. To stay economically stable, America needs to keep trade
relations and keep wars out of our future. We need to keep the national dept.
low and keep all Americans income as high as possible. Another way to be
economically stable is to keep American businesses on top of the national
competition, mainly in electronics’ considering it is the electronic age now
as well as the future. If we can keep the businesses on top of every
international competition then we will keep our economy going. If the Stock

Market crashes then we will have to tighten the buckle and get back on track. If
there is a Nuclear War then we will have to recover and go on with the way
things were. The next century for America holds many nbew opportunitys for
peace. America has always played a role as peace makers and always looking for
what is right. To increase our space explorations we need to make a joint effor
with other countries to make a super space station and hig tech explorations. If
we do not increase our peace offerings to placees like Russia and Japan then we
will nerver e as high tech as we could be. America has always been known for its
low poverty levels, but we still have homeless and uneducated citizens who need
help. In the America of the 30th Century we need to help every citizen to make
it in the world. Wheather it is to make an education cheaper or more homes for
the poor. If we can help every individual then it will help america as a whole.

In conclusion, I think America needs to play a more peaceful and loving country
that can help every nation in some way and each individual american citizen. If
we can acheive this then America will continue on sucessfully.