USAPI Appoints Don L. Rondeau to Private Investigators Advisory Board

The United States Association of Private Investigators ( USAPI) names investigator and anti-terrorism program director, Don L. Rondeau to the USAPI Executive Advisory Board.

(PRWEB) July 4, 2005 -- The United States Association of Private Investigators (USAPI) names investigator and anti-terrorism program director, Don L. Rondeau to the USAPI Executive Advisory Board.

Don L. Rondeau is appointed to private investigators advisory board:

The USAPI Certification Board consists of such notables as reknown criminal forensics scientist, Dr. Henry Lee.

In response to this appointment, Mr. Rondeau stated “This is really an exciting project. I am expected to make my subject matter expertise available to those in the investigative community. I hope to not only support USAPI and its membership by giving my operational insight, I intend to be very active as it relates to legislative matters as well..” Rondeau continues, “This is an honor. I have served as a private, corporate and federal investigator and know first hand the skills sets needed to be successful. I am active in the homeland security environment, but my origins are in the investigative community. It is my hope that I can support our nation’s ability to make better use of private investigators in the war against terror. I accept this appointment and will work to give this profession the respect that it deserves…I would like to thank Terry Kilburn and his team at Tracers Information Specialists, who over the course of the last decade have supported my efforts and continually put me in a position to make a play. I also thank USAPI President Warren Sonne, ACEFI President Dr. Doeren, IACSP President Steve Fustero, SBMC USCG (Ret.) Lew Fisher, former Washington Redskin and Superbowl Champ, Rick “Doc” Walker, the “thinking man’s economist”, Jeff Thredgold, Maryland State’s Attorney, Doug Gansler, President of Contact, Inc. and Executive Editor/Owner of Loss Prevention Magazine, Jim Lee, the many readers of my book and practioners of my method Curt Ballie, Taylor Bagnall, and collectively, the incredible Rondeau, Wyatt, Dawkins and Smith families.

About Don L. Rondeau - Don has served as a contract investigator for the Department of Interior and the chief security consultant for the Embassies of the States of Kuwait and Qatar. As chief executive officer of the publicly traded Rondeau & Smith, Inc., Don cultivated numerous relationships in the Middle East to include reaching a teaming agreement for investigative/security projects with various Middle Eastern security groups. Mr. Rondeau is the former director of asset protection for Boat America and the former director of loss prevention for Blockbuster Entertainment. Don is a 2005 Presidential Volunteer Award recipient and a 2005 Points of Light Honoree. In addition to the aforementioned accomplishments, Mr. Rondeau is the current Homeland Security Executive of the Year as named by the International Association of Counter Terrorism for Security Professionals for his work in the homeland security field where he directs the efforts of an information sharing and analysis center (ISAC). Rondeau is the author of Red Teaming - The Don L. Rondeau Method. This book chronicles his research into identifying the tactics and targets of terrorists. There is currently a television show in development based in part on this research and Mr. Rondeau's exploits as an investigator and security consultant.

-Mr. Rondeau’s participation in USAPI is separate from his involment in other projects, associations and committees. For security reasons, some of Mr. Rondeau’s personal background information has been redacted from this news release.    

-Mr. Rondeau’s participation in USAPI is not a part of a political campaign.

About the United States Association of Private Investigators. USAPI supplies its membership with a broad array of educational opportunities for the purpose of enhancing the community’s subject matter expertise. Its founder is Warren Sonne. To view Mr. Rondeau's research visit

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