Asvaco Addresses the National Response Plan

The Asvaco Computer Assessment Tool (CAT) has what the Department of Homeland Security has addressed in their National Resonse Plan-A Total Hazards Assessment and Mitigation Tool.

(PRWEB) January 20, 2005 -- Asvaco has the most comprehensive Computer Assessment Tool (CAT) that addresses the issues of the National Respose Plan. Asvaco has many modules already constructed that allows entities across the Nation to assess their current level of security and plan for events, collaborate and share data in a virtual-secured evironment, and to control and mitigate a live incident. The CAT also has a virtual investigation tool for law enforcement, that is being utilized by the Los Angeles Police Department. As stated in the article: "The National Response Plan (NRP) establishes a comprehensive all-hazards approach to enhance the ability of the United States to manage domestic incidents. The NRP incorporates best practices and procedures from incident management disciplines—homeland security, emergency management, law enforcement, firefighting, public works, public health, responder and recovery worker health and safety, emergency medical services, and the private sector—and integrates them into a unified structure". Imagine these best practices loaded onto the Asvaco CAT and used for situation simulation, training, real-time incident management, and virtual investigations. "The NRP forms the basis of how the federal government coordinates with state, local, and tribal governments and the private sector during incidents. It establishes protocols to help":

"Save lives and protect the health and safety of the public, responders, and recovery workers; Ensure security of the homeland; Prevent an imminent incident, including acts of terrorism, from occurring; Protect and restore critical infrastructure and key resources; Conduct law enforcement investigations to resolve the incident, apprehend the perpetrators, and collect and preserve evidence for prosecution and/or attribution; Protect property and mitigate damages and impacts to individuals, communities, and the environment; and Facilitate recovery of individuals, families, businesses, governments, and the environment".

The Asvaco Cat is the tool needed to facilitate these best practices into actions, allow the ability to protect life, property, and valuable infrastrucure.

Asvaco: The Right Product. The Right Value. The Right Reason.

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