Ms. Mireille Wear Selected as Businesswoman of the Year 2004

(NRCC) Chairman, Tom Reynolds, announced the selection of Ms. Mireille Wear to receive the 2004 Businesswoman of the Year Award, representing the State of California. Ms. Wear's is a small business owner in San Diego, CA.

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) February 23, 2005 -- The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman, Congressman Tom Reynolds, announced the selection of California Business Leader Ms. Mireille Wear as a winner of the 2004 Businesswoman of the Year Award.

Ms. Wear will be formally recognized at an awards ceremony and luncheon held at the 2005 Congressional Tax Summit in Washington D.C. on March 14-15 to honor her accomplishments. She is invited to participate in the 2005 Tax Reform Workshop in Washington, followed by a Republican Gala Dinner with special guests President George W. Bush, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and other Congressional Republican Leaders. Ms. Wear is an Honorary Chairman of the House Majority Trust Committee and a member of the Business Advisory Council in Washington D.C. She recently received the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for her support of President's Reagan's ideals for an entrepreneurial America.

Ms. Wear’s response to the NRCC was, “Thank you for supporting small businesses in America and providing the opportunity and business climate for us to be able to grow and thrive. This is a time of great change and positive growth in our country. We have so much to be grateful for, especially for the freedom to pursue our dreams. Our government gives us every opportunity to reach our potential. I encourage all Americans to stand united in support of the President and our elected officials who work hard to preserve our right to free enterprise.”

Ms. Mireille Wear a graduate of California State University at Long Beach with a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and is the owner of Extreme Soundproofing, a three-year-old San Diego based small business. She is an active member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and Business Alliance, and proud mother of two children, Jennifer Garner and Ryan Wear.

Extreme Soundproofing makes innovative noise control solutions available to everyone via the internet. The company sells a full line of acoustical products including noise barriers, sound absorbers, acoustical wall panels and ceiling tiles. Extreme Soundproofing is DBE certified.

Extreme Soundproofing has developed a proprietary line of custom Acoustical Draperies. Recent customers have included several prominent universities. This is a testimonial to the excellent acoustical properties of the draperies, namely dampening reverberation and increasing speech intelligibility. Ms. Wear states, “We are detail conscious and very proud of the final product. These draperies help reduce noise, eliminate light, and control climate. Use of modern fabrics with French Pleat styling and a 3-ply lining makes for a very substantial and elegant Acoustical Drapery.”

Extreme Soundproofing encourages people to take an active part in preserving their peace and quiet. Although it is more difficult to retrofit an existing home for noise, it is not necessary to tear down the walls. Visit their website to learn more.

Extreme Soundproofing is growing rapidly and is seeking investment partners to help meet public demand for its products.

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