Bush Pioneer At Odds With President's California Chairman

Steel Issues Flash Report and Two More Parsky Watch Documents - Trenton West's Media Director Elizabeth Blackney calls for an end to politics of personal destruction.

Washington, (PRWEB) March 6, 2005 -- California Republicans have generally escaped the Potomac Two-step since President Ronald Reagan left behind this shining city and returned to his Golden State. The District of Columbia is a city known for the cowboy sway, fiery rhetoric and endless negotiations. Yet, after US Senator Ted Kennedy's memorable speech delivered against Reagan Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork from the well of the United States Senate partisanship eventually gave way to civility.

On Thursday, March 3rd several email missives were widely distributed from Coast to Coast by Shawn Steel, a Southern California trial lawyer. Best known as a Republican donor, Steel gained status as a large dollar contributor to the Bush Cheney 2004, Inc. campaign. Steel and his wife Michelle, a candidate for the 3rd District of the California State Board of Equalization, were so active that they earned “Pioneer” status.

The emails directly attacked another prominent Republican, Gerry Parsky, the California Campaign Chairman for Bush Cheney 2004, Inc. But the attacks also focused on the Chairman’s former senior advisor for political affairs, Dora Kingsley. Dr. Kingsley, an active Republican for more than 20 years, also teaches Federalism at the graduate level as an Adjunct Professor for the USC School of Policy, Planning & Development in Sacramento. The attacks even referenced Pacific Regional Chairman of Bush Cheney 2004, Inc., Mario Rodriguez.

“The venomous language and vulgarity in these emails, defiles all standards of decency. I fail to see how sexist and racist remarks reflect President Bush’s message of social and personal responsibility. We are all Republicans.” said Elizabeth Blackney, from Washington, DC, where she attended meetings with Dr. Kingsley and republican leaders from across the country. “I am absolutely certain that Governor Schwarzenegger would not approve of Steel’s language and insinuations. Dr. Kingsley has fully endorsed the Governor for re-election is hopeful his efforts for reform are successful.”

Elizabeth Blackney
Media Director, Trenton West

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/3/prweb215354.htm