Brown College And Senator Dayton Support Military Families

Students help Minnesota families send video messages to loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(PRWEB) June 20, 2005 -- For the last three years, Brown College has worked with Senator Mark Dayton and his staff on a yearly Ice Cream Social geared for Minnesota families with family members in the military stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. At this event military families have an opportunity to videotape messages for their loved ones overseas. The 2005 Ice Cream Social was held on May 21st.

Senator Dayton’s staff members take care of the food, fun and games during the event, while Brown College students handle the videotaping. The recording of the messages has become the highlight of the event. The college provides the equipment and technical expertise to make it possible for these families to speak directly to their loved ones serving in the military.

The Minnesota families of our troops oversea are scattered all over the state and the military does not have a facility to provide families with an easy way to do this. Brown College and their students are assisting these families to share and connect with those in the military serving our country.

“What Brown College makes possible at this event is the most important part of the experience,” said Senator Dayton. “I have heard that said consistently over the years.”

For young people considering careers in one of today’s hot fields, Brown College is a sound choice. Founded in 1946, Brown College provides students with the technical knowledge, skills and hands-on training needed to succeed in many popular career fields such as technology, design, and television production.

The education process at Brown College is more than just a classroom and textbook experience. Exposure to the community at large, like serving the families of our troops at the Ice Cream Social each year is regarded as an essential part of helping students to learn, nurture, and develop a sense of themselves in the context of the world around them.

Nobody could do as good a job as Brown College, because the students are here out of their hearts,” commented Senator Dayton. “Their commitment gets communicated to these families making video messages. We could not do it without you.”

Joe Zeigler
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