Orion Karl Daley forms the Balanced Party for Election 2008

As the founder of the Balanced Party and the Presidential Candidate for 2008, Orion Karl Daley crafted its five (5) basic principles that address the strategic future of our country.

(PRWEB) December 20, 2004 -- The 5 principles are intended to efficiently and effectively empower the framework of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights for managing the United States of America while providing the gravity needed to unite peoples of different political parties and faiths. They are:

* Transparent and Accountable Government
* The Dignity of Human Rights
* Balanced Trade
* Economic Solvency
* Conduct workable Foreign Policy

The basis of the principles is the reliance on government for its top down accountability in doing the work of and for the people; the regard for the unquestionable balanced rights of the people, a solvent and manageable economic environment that serves the people, and foreign policy that reflects these as standards in how we regard and set our expectations of others.

Orion Karl Daley views that to establish a transparent and accountable administration that works with both the House and the Senate, then the House and Senate are obliged to do the same. Hence efficiency and cost effective government can be achieved where policy and legislative action can take on measurable significance for the benefit of the people.

He views that Individual Rights as Americans must be achieved through competent representation with respect to the Bill of Rights. The respect of views are the basic core of our value systems,and given that these values posses no mal-intent toward others, they should be respected.

Mr. Daley believes that The level of Economic Solvency of the Nation is the foundation for the financial welfare of the people. Consequently, there is no way for the people of the nation to assured of National Security, or their health, safety and welfare unless the Nation as a whole is sound financially.

He views that the way to recover our Economy is through Balanced Trade and Investment in our Economy.

By having a more local productive Economy, we can in turn more readily address our foreign debt which enhances our level of National Economic Security over all. It is in this productivity where the United States can Anchor itself against the forces that are encouraging it to become insolvent.

To Balance Trade, he views that If we reduce the Volume of Imports, their price adjusts accordingly, provides less incentive for relocating manufacturing in Asia, while encourages other countries, such as China, to raise their standards of wage in order to afford to be consumers of what they normally export, while encouraging U.S based manufactures to pursue quality/price competitive product delivery in the US.

By Balancing Trade, and having Transparency and Accountability in Government, and the true regard of the people enables the United States to embrace Economic Solvency in times where the basic foundation of this country is being washed out from under us.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/1/prweb189579.htm