Abortion Toll Will Pass 47 Million in 2005

Unless something happens to change the hearts and minds of more Americans about abortion, the nation's abortion toll will pass 47 million during 2005, Movement for a Better America researcher reports.

MT FREEDOM, NJ (PRWEB) February 5, 2005 -- Unless something happens to change the hearts and minds of more Americans about abortion, the nation’s abortion toll will pass 47 million during 2005 and may well exceed 51 million before President George W. Bush leaves office at the end of 2008.

This forecast was made here by Dennis M. Howard, president of the Movement for a Better America, who has been tracking the annual abortion toll since 1992. Howard, who is a former investigative reporter, magazine editor, and market research consultant, compares the cumulative abortion toll to the loss of life that would have occurred if a major disaster like a nuclear war had struck the nation’s 53 largest cities.

In 1992, when Howard first began tracking the number of abortions since abortion first became legal, the toll had already reached 30,550,000 – equivalent to the population of our 19 largest cities from New York all the way down to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since then, the toll has climbed to an estimated 46,358,000 by the end of 2004, raising the count of comparable cities to 53 cities by the end of 2004. The cities range from New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago at the top all the way down to cities the size of Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Anaheim, California. Currently, 4 new cities are being added to the list each year.

“Although people rarely look at it this way, the human loss from abortion is the same as if all of our major metropolitan centers had been nuked,” said Howard. “A nuclear war would be a dramatic, cataclysmic event, while abortions take place one at a time in the sanitized privacy of a medical clinic, but the long range impact on America’s human resources is no different.”

He added: “It amazes me that a country that would go to war with Iraq because Saddam Hussein killed 1.3 million Iraqis over the last 20 years would be so complacent about the huge abortion toll in our country that kills more than 1.3 million U.S. babies every year.”

“Nothing has inflicted more permanent damage on our society than abortion,” he said. “And that includes all the wars in our history, the ravages of the war on terrorism, and yes, even the tragedy of 9/11. Every day since then has been another 9/11 in the nation’s abortion clinics, adding 3,700 babies a day to the awful toll – or 4,590,000 unborn babies just since 9/11.”

“It is time we faced the social, economic and spiritual impact of nearly 47 million missing unborn Americans – 30 per cent of our entire younger generation under 35.” He added, “It’s a toll unlike anything the world has seen since the Black Plague.”

Among the more obvious consequences, he listed the following:

1. The Social Security crisis. “If just half of the babies we aborted were working today, that would add $1 trillion a year to our economy, including more than $580 billion in additional wages. It would mean an additional $88 billion a year flowing into the Social Security trust fund. The only reason the old ‘pay as you go’ system stopped working is that we began aborting 30% of our future workers, consumers, and taxpayers following Roe v. Wade.”

2. A looming manpower shortage in critical fields like nursing, teaching, and the armed forces. “We face a critical shortage of 1 million nurses and 2 million teachers, as well as a 30% drop in the manpower pool available to serve the nation’s defense needs in a time of crisis,” said Howard. “If abortion continues, where in the world will we find them?”

3. The same vacuum is also driving legal and illegal immigration, he added. “Our labor shortages translate directly into demand for more foreign workers, a fact that critics of lax immigration policies often overlook. Easy access to abortion is one major cause.”

4. Abortion and more efficient contraception have had a similar impact on religious vocations, he said. “With smaller and smaller families, fewer parents are willing to give up a son or daughter to the priesthood, the ministry or the religious life. It’s a phenomenon that will only be resolved when couples begin having larger families again.”

Howard argues that abortion has backfired on the liberal media and liberal politicians who supported it. “The 30% bite that abortion took out of the ‘youth market’ helps explain the drop in daily newspaper circulation over the last 3 decades and the decline in the size of the youth audience that networks sell to advertisers. Abortion is killing the goose that once laid all those golden eggs called ratings, readership and the youth market.”

“As for politics,” he continued, “the ‘red states’ have significantly lower abortion rates on average than the ‘blue states.’ Pro-choice politicians can’t win in ‘red’ states where abortion rates are low. Until they soften their views, they will keep losing.”

He added: “I recently returned from San Francisco where my wife and I visited our newest grand child. As I looked into her eyes and delighted in her laughter, I could not help but marvel at this wonder of God’s creation. Multiply this one baby by 47 million, and you have some idea of what we have lost to our nation’s future.”

The list of the top 53 cities with populations equivalent to cumulative population losses from abortion can be found on MBA’s website: www.movementforabetteramerica.org.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/2/prweb205132.htm