Savvy Consumers Rush to Website For Unprecedented Limited-Time Offer sees tremendous membership growth as "in-the-know" online shoppers learn about new offer.

(PRWEB) July 8, 2005 -- Atlanta-based is reporting huge gains in membership as a recent promotional offer makes the rounds among savvy Web users.

"We've seen growth over the last week alone unlike anything we've had to date", said founder, Vince Martin. "The word has gotten out about what we're offering and I guess its understandable that people are rushing to take advantage of it." is the online shopping community that allows its members to earn cash back at popular retailers such as Best Buy, Old Navy, Gap, Target, Walmart and more. While "rewards" credit cards typically offer 1% cash back, was offering up to 17.5%. However, all of the current buzz is centered around a recent promotion that doubles that amount up to 35% through December 2005.

"I think some people are calling us crazy, but that's alright," laughs Martin. "Obviously, we can't offer this too much longer, but we're certainly glad to see people taking advantage of it. I think about those so-called rewards cards that give 1% or so, but charge the carholder 15% in interest. He're we are giving up to 35 times that amount back to our members and not charging anything. It's almost funny when you think about the difference."

But, actually has a two-fold mission, which Martin says is the inspiration for the incredible offer.

The first mission is to empower consumers by helping them to obtain unprecedented savings while shopping online. The company believes that consumers are too often treated like victims when they really have tremendous power.

The second mission is to make a real impact on the world by allowing members to direct up to 100% of their rebates to schools or registered nonprofits of their choosing.

"At the end of the day we're about helping people. We help our members by giving them back their power as consumers. And we help those in need by giving our members an easy way to donate to worthwhile causes. It's a great feeling and I wish we could keep this promotion going forever."

About is the website which allows anyone to earn cash back and contribute to a nonprofit or school simply by shopping online as they normally do, at no extra cost. The site launched in November, 2004 and features 159 retailers while providing support for 47 nonprofits and over 97,000 schools nationwide.

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