New Trends in Vacation Timeshare Ownership Provide Immediate Reward

Vacation Ownership/Timeshare offers many advantages over traditional vacations. Quality, flexibility, and choice are just a few of the benefits timesharing has to offer., consumers discover the many benefits of Vacation Ownership / Timeshare while being paid cash just sitting and listening.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 12, 2005 has launched a new division of its travel guides to cities that gives vacationers the opportunity to learn about the many benefits of Vacation Ownership / Timeshare while getting paid…a new trend that pays! By visiting, consumers can sign up to attend a 90 minute presentation, earn $125 with no obligation to purchase anything and see the many advantages of Vacation Ownership / Timeshare over traditional vacations.

There are many reasons why people are increasingly choosing Vacation Ownership / Timeshare for their vacations. Each person’s needs are slightly different and Vacation Ownership / Timeshare caters to their individual desires. Below are listed just a few of the highlights that stimulate people to become owners of Vacation Ownership / Timeshare Resorts.

•    Quality Accommodations– Vacation Ownership / Timeshare resorts offer many amenities including nicely furnished rooms, full or partial kitchens, laundry facilities, and other conveniences that truly make it a home away from home.

•    Flexible – Vacation / Timeshare owners have their choice of location, accommodation, and date. Owners can choose locations from the beach to the mountains in cities all over the world and from one bedroom hotels to multiple bedroom villas. Furthermore, vacation/timeshare owners can choose any time of the year to vacation.

•    Exchangeable – Owners are able to exchange their vacation time for a comparable vacation with other resorts. In addition, Vacation / Timeshare owners can use the vacation time for themselves or offer it to a friend/relative.

•    Worry Free – Once you leave your resort, you have no concerns because someone else is responsible for maintaining the property, the surrounding area including security and insurance. You just return each year and enjoy!

•    Price Protection –Vacation Ownership / Timeshare guarantees you a set price to purchase one weeks use, or more, to be used each year regardless of how expensive surrounding area homes/condos become. You can lock in a cost now and enjoy the benefits the rest of your life.

All these benefits contribute to the high satisfaction levels that Vacation / Timeshare owners consistently enjoy year after year. As Howard C. Nusbaum, President of American Resort Development Association, states, "Timeshare is a truly universal vacation product: it can match virtually any lifestyle, vacation need and budget. That versatility makes timeshare a real opportunity.” is an independent online consumer publication that does not own, sell, rent, trade or conduct any business regarding the products of the Vacation Ownership / Timeshare resort industry. They are not a real estate company, mortgage company, and no employee for is even a real estate agent. has never owned, operated a Vacation Ownership / Timeshare resort anywhere in the world. For more information on this new concept, visit

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