CIA File: Remote Viewers Predicted 911 Style Attack on Washington

Did Military Remote Viewers identify 911 pilot?

(PRWEB) August 15, 2005 -- 911 Hijacker "Ziad Jarrah" may have been identified in the 1980'S by military remote viewers.

A CIA Star Gate document, based upon input from four military sources, reveals that a pilot with a name similar to "Jerry, Gerard, or Geraldo" will "fly to Washington D.C. with the mission of crashing into the US Capitol Building"

The date of the document appears to be prior to "12 DEC 83"

There are two copies of the same document in the CIA Star Gate Collection of released material. The Star Gate collection covers more than twenty years of government sponsored research into anomalous mental phenomena (AMP) information collection (RV - Remote Viewing) and perturbation (RP - Remote Perturbation).

The two documents of interest (they are identical, one is marked "confidential") appear to be from 1983, as there is a notation that the target subject of the remote viewing data (pilot) is "not in the country as of 12 Dec 83".

This document is of interest primarily for two reasons:

There is the prediction of an event:

An aircraft will " to Washington, D.C. with the mission of crashing into the US Capitol building..."

There is possible identification of the pilot:

The pilot, "...not in the country as of 12 Dec 83, foreign, perhaps Iranian, speaks English and perhaps may be or sound like Jerry, Gerard, or Geraldo..."

The remaining information, as presented in this document, appears at first glance to be seriously wrong. There are however interesting correlations apparent upon closer examination, including identification of New York and New Jersey. The art of remote viewing is far from being an exact science. There is a signal to noise ratio involved, and errors are to be expected. There is the extraordinary distance in space-time from 1983 to 2001. More importantly, the original data presented by the "four different sources" is not available. What is presented in the document appears to be an analytical summary and interpretation of the raw data provided by the viewers. The methodology used by the viewers is not known.

It should be noted that according to the document "this information was produced unofficially and is unconfirmed."

This allows for a re-examination of the data as presented in the original document, in order that key basic concepts can be mapped to the presumed target event of the failed attack on Washington during the 911 terrorist events of 9-11-2001. The terrorist pilot on United Flight 93 was Ziad Jarrah, a name that might be considered to "sound like Jerry (also sometimes spelled Jarrahi)Gerard, or Geraldo. Jarrah, a foreigner from Lebanon, was not Iranian (however at least one passenger identified the terrorists as possibly Iranian). Jarrah was of Middle Eastern origin and spoke both English and French.


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