SOH Protests Interference Against Its SW Broadcast to China

Audience of SOH complained about severe shortwave jamming from CCP Military Radio Equipments.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (PRWEB) August 6, 2005 -- Sound-of-Hope Radio Network Inc (aka SOH), a global, non-profit radio content-provider for multi-language broadcasting across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe, recently condemned severe Short Wave interference from Chinese Communist Party military sites.

Since June 2004, SOH has established a daily 4-hour shortwave broadcast programs at 3 frequencies that cover a majority of regions throughout China. Positive feedback have been received from many listeners in mainland China who have claimed that SOH offers essential radio broadcast that helps mainland Chinese people receive the most truthful, factual and accurate information about China and abroad.

However, over the past several months, SOH has received significant feedback from China indicating that the 4-hour daily shortwave broadcast is now being seriously interfered by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The SOH Listeners in China cannot receive the radio signals as before. Listeners from Dalian City (Liaoning Province) stated that they could received the SOH broadcast in the past, but recently the signals are almost completely covered by music, drumming and other programs from China’s central radio station; listeners from Fuzhou City (Fujian Province) reported that they could no longer receive the broadcast even in an open field in the outdoors; listeners from Xinjiang, Sichuan, Shandong Province also strongly complained that SOH programs are specifically targeted by this annoying interference, since the radio signals at the same frequencies resumed to normal status after the SOH program airtime is over.

In 2004, Reporters Without Borders reported that the Thales Group, a corporation based in France, sold to China many military-class devices used for radio signal jamming for the disruption of foreign broadcasts over China. An internal source of information inside China has indicated that the National Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau, and the General Military Intelligence Sector II are the official bureaus in charge of monitor and censor foreign radio broadcasts. These coordinated actions have severely overlooked and trampled the rights to obtain information freely for billions of Chinese people.

Currently, SOH has become the top target for interference by the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has engaged a full range of interference to block the SOH shortwave programming. The intensity of the interference has surpassed the partial and temporal interference that Radio France International, BBC, VOA and Radio Free Asia have experienced.

Due to SOH’s being as exclusive and complete broadcast of the “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party” (a series of editorials published by the Epoch Times Newspaper), as well as the SOH’s exclusive and extensive reports covering the unprecedented evolving current phenomena of millions of Chinese people choosing to publicly (or secretly) quit the CCP.

In order to provide more convenient communication channels for the Chinese people, SOH also offers toll-free numbers for mainland listeners. This service is greatly welcomed by many Chinese listeners. After SOH dedicated a full hour to broadcast the “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party”, ever more listeners responded with enthusiasm and gave feedback via the toll-free numbers. However, these toll-free numbers were cut-off abruptly by the CCP from December 24 to December 26, 2004.

As a human-right and freedom supportive and political-neutral broadcasting media, Sound-of-Hope Radio Network strongly protests the CCP applying intensive interference on the SOH radio signals, as well as the abrupt termination of toll-free numbers service that SOH utilizes to communicate with listeners. These actions are against the principle of freedom of press and seriously breach the regulations of international radio broadcasting norms. SOH calls for public condemnation of CCP’s deprival of the rights of Chinese people to obtain information by utilizing Chinese people’s income tax to establish this radio signal interference. We also calls for the support of international communities, such as International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Reporters Without Borders, to urge China to stop its interference of SOH radio signals.

Recently, SOH was informed of CCP special missions to apply spying maneuvers against independent media agencies abroad. Reliable sources in China learned and reported to SOH that the Pubic Security Bureau Sector 26 has recruited members from public security departments of provincial and city levels in nine provinces whose objective is to infiltrate, collect information, and create conflict and chaos amidst certain overseas Chinese language media. SOH become one of the main target victims in this special spying mission.

SOH strongly condemns all these spying activities in which the CCP has enacted in order to buy, infiltrate, divide, and suppress independent media abroad in efforts to control overseas Chinese communities via CCP ideology. We also urge overseas Chinese and freedom supportive media to guard against CCP conspiracy of CCP’s financial usurp and infiltrate to media industry.

About Sound-of-Hope Radio Network (SOH):
Established in U.S., the Sound of Hope Radio Network (SOH) is a news-and-entertainment radio and internet broadcast content provider offering a unique and broad perspective on Chinese culture. With local radio programs in more than 40 cities and a rich pool of web radio programs, Sound of Hope Radio network has been able to reach millions of Chinese people in China, Europe, North America Australia and some Asia countries. Currently, SOH also produces weekly English, French and Spanish programs to introduce Asia culture to more people. SOH is the only independent radio network that could provide daily 4 hour broadcast in shortwave to mainland China. This daily shortwave airtime slots are 6am to 7am at 9.635 MHz; 7am to 8am at 7.310 MHz; 9pm to 10pm at 7.310 MHz and 12am to 1am at 11.765 MHz. Please visit for more info.

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