General Data Unveils Personal ID AC, New Patient Identification Wristband with Unique Adhesive Closure

New wristband combines bar codes and patient photos with new adjustable adhesive closure

CINCINNATI (PRWEB) July 26, 2005 -– General Data Company, Inc., a leading provider of specialized labeling and identification products and solutions, today introduced the Personal ID™ AC patient identification wristband, which combines the features, durability and print resolution of General Data’s original Personal ID ( wristband with a new adjustable adhesive closure. The Personal ID line of patient identification wristbands are designed to help hospitals enhance their patient identification efforts using a combination of bar code technology and patient photos on a durable, easy-to-print wristband. As a result, hospitals can eliminate errors, reduce costs, enhance patient safety and care, address regulatory requirements and prevent fraud.

“Many hospitals are now using Personal ID wristbands as part of their patient identification systems, and as a result of feedback and requests from these hospitals, we have developed a new style with a unique adhesive closure,” said Peter Wenzel, president of General Data. “Rather than just using a standard adhesive closure design, we developed a unique adjustable adhesive closure which enhances the Personal ID patient safety and identification features. Hospitals now have the choice of either a tamperproof snap closure or adhesive closure for the Personal ID wristband. Whichever option they choose, they will receive the most durable and versatile wristband on the market.”

Personal ID AC wristbands are designed to resist tearing, scratching, alcohol and blood, as well as to prevent degrading or discoloring in showers, whirlpools or therapy baths. The wristband’s adhesive closure can be adjusted to fit patients of all sizes, from children to adults, and they meet or exceed the patient identification guidelines for the American Hospital Association (AHA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and JCAHO.

In addition to bar codes, Personal ID wristbands also enable healthcare providers to easily add patient photographs to the wristbands, as well as other healthcare documents. This feature provides an additional method for healthcare providers to positively identify a patient prior to medication administration, blood transfusion, specimen collection or surgical procedures. Patient photos also help reduce occurrences of patient fraud.

“The real benefit behind the Personal ID AC is the enhanced patient safety benefits for hospitals and healthcare consumers,” added Wenzel. “The Personal ID AC wristband allows hospital staff, nurses and physicians to focus more on patient care and less on cumbersome patient ID tags or labels. Using a patient-specific bar code and photograph, patients can be quickly and positively identified, ensuring that they receive the right medication or treatment at the right time. Personal ID wristbands provide peace of mind for patients, families and care-givers.”

The wristbands are printed using a simplified, on-demand direct thermal printing process that does not require toner or a printer ribbon. General Data can provide the Personal ID AC wristbands a la carte or as part of a complete patient identification system, including direct thermal printers, bar code scanners, cameras and software that can interface with many popular hospital information systems (HIS). The bar codes on the wristbands can be used to input data directly to the HIS, which allows for real-time information access and additional on-demand printing.

For more information on Personal ID patient identification wristbands, visit or call 800-733-5252 ext. 2700.

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General Data Company is a leading provider of specialized labeling and identification products and solutions. The company’s patent-pending healthcare and laboratory identification technologies are designed to improve patient safety and care, reduce medical errors, facilitate patient administration and provide consumers with peace of mind and confidence in their health care providers. General Data is recognized as the premiere provider of integrated bar code identification and data collection products and solutions that enable businesses in a variety of industries to become more efficient and make better decisions. Founded in 1981, General Data is a privately held company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. More information on General Data products and solutions can be found at

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