Duet of Extraordinary Alliances with RingSMS UBIEE Team

RingSMS UBIEE Teamís strategic alliances with the UBiee Power Pill Fe-3 for transportation and environment, health and wellness with New Image International, and communications through Hot Conference and 3WTel Superior VoIP, now embraces two additional healthy wealth alliances.

(PRWEB) August 11, 2005 -- Providing a safe harbor of global solidarity for abolishing universal poverty, promoting a World Peace Solution, and spawning a cleaner environment, RingSMS UBIEE Team proudly announces the inclusion of Concerned Citizens International (CCI) and Two Times Very Important Products (X2VIP), to their ever-increasing harmonic circle of friendship.

In an ode to eliminating global poverty, the year 2000 birthed Concerned Citizens International. A non-profit humanitarian aid organization with an honest no profit motive, CCI transcends accomplishments of contrasting organizations. CCI, a vehicle empowering flight to the human spirit beyond self-imposed limitations, guides others into securing full control of their own lives. CCIís humanitarian aid efforts are financed through online and offline products, where each product becomes a personal benefit valued at more than the purchase price.

X2VIP (Times Two Very Important Products), in cadence with CCI, offers the consummate solution for eliminating global poverty, now at overwhelming epidemic proportions exceeding 300 million people within the last decade. Today, 82% of the world lives in or below poverty level, increasing daily at a rate of 82,191 additional victims. A subsidiary of Concerned Citizens International, X2VIP orchestrates a unique profit sharing system specifically designed to improve personal financial situations, consequentially spawning reformation for future generations.

The underlying melodic refrain woven throughout each alliance is that of present and future robust healthy wealth. The harmonic ballads of the UBiee Power Pill provides an environmentally friendly pollution solution for transportation, as independent documented test results noted a 78% reduction in carbon monoxide, 24% reduction in hydrocarbons, and 73% reduction in smoke pollutants. Proliferating diminuendos in maintenance costs and crescendos in fuel economy, the UBiee PowerPill furthers binds the liberating choruses of present and future healthy wealth.

RingSMS UBIEE Teamís harmonic circle of life and friendship continues their universal symphony of reformation in over 24 countries, orchestrated by alliances in humanitarian aid, transportation, communication, environment, and personalized healthy wealth. United by conscientious, moral, and altruistic alliances, RingSMS UBIEE Team uncompromisingly resonates an ecumenical ensemble of healthier futures for citizens of the world.

Contact Info:    Dee Scrip
Phone:              412-571-1855
Web:        http://www.ubieepill.com

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/8/prweb271644.htm