How To Keep Cool in Summers Sweltering Heat

Zensah™ Performance Apparel releases the first seamless sleeveless shirt with silver ions which dissipate heat.

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 2, 2005 -- The summer of 2005 will be remembered as the summer which set heat records across the country, and it’s not over just yet. How do athletes stay cool with the mercury rising? One way to keep cool is with Zensah™ Performance Apparel, the originator of seamless performance apparel. Zensah™ has combined seamless apparel technology with silver ions to create a body regulating material which wicks moisture away and dissipates heat, keeping skin temperature cool.

This week Zensah™ Performance Apparel debuts its sleeveless compression shirt. It’s an evolutionary product of engineering based upon Zensah’s original seamless compression t-shirt. The sleeveless version uses the same Zensah Fabric™ which is ultra-breathable, moisture wicking, and anti-bacterial. Most people don’t realize that when the body heats up prematurely it affects the performance of an athlete. As the body temperature increases so does the amount of sweating. If the moisture created is not wicked away from the body efficiently the skin can’t breathe which, in turn, causes the body to heat up even more.

Zensah™ has incorporated body mapping technology which provides greater airflow and breathability in areas which heat up disproportionately. Zensah Fabric™ wicks away moisture instantly helping keep the body cool. The Zensah™ seamless shirt is ideal to beat the summer’s heat.

The Zensah™ Fabric is durable yet soft on the skin which eliminates any possibility for nipple chafing. Zensah™ Fabric has become a favorite of runners, triathletes, and cyclists across the globe.

Some of the greatest triathletes such as Daniel Fontana and Felipe Bastos have benefited by training and racing in Zensah™. Zensah™ introduces the sleeveless shirt in 3 colors, white, sky blue, and black. The sleeveless Zensah™ retails for $36.95 and can be found at specialty stores, or online retailers.

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