Colonel Folsom and Producer Fisher Join Forces For Wounded

Colonel John Folsom in Fallujah and Hollywood-based record label owner Janet Fisher share common ground. They want to see great success for The Wounded Warriors Hospital Fund, and Entertainment Industry support for troops.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) August 1, 2005 -- Colonel John Folsom runs the Wounded Warriors Hospital Fund from Fallujah. Janet Fisher runs Goodnight Kiss Music from Hollywood. They both want to raise support for the men and women serving with dignity and courage who have been wounded in the service of country.

"Rhythm Of Honor," a hopping CD of, by, and about troop life gives a cash donation to the Wounded Warriors Hospital Fund in Fallujah, from every CD sold and has a "Give one to a Warrior" campaign which includes a CD, personal note from the sender, and paying for the shipping to a soldier in the field.

Don't want the CD, not interested in making a cash donation? No problem. One can still be a "Homeland Hero," and help the CD funding efforts by passing on the notice to others. Plus, the sender gets a thank you in the form of a digital gift.

A free download of the song "A Soldier's Daughter," from the CD, is available to anyone who will pass along the Audio Postcard announcement to 3 of their friends via email. The song can be burned to a CD or placed on an I-Pod at no charge. That's it.

The Wounded Warriors Hospital Fund supports hospitals and medical facilities in the Afghanistan and Iraq theater of operations, Germany and the United States by donating morale and comfort items for rehabilitation and transition of wounded soldiers. Goodnight Kiss Music is a long time Film and TV music publishing company, which also produces special projects and genre-specific CDs. The marriage is an odd one, but somehow also complimentary.

Ms. Fisher, whose father, uncles, and many cousins had been in service, wanted to pledge a portion of each CD sale to the hospitals, and start a campaign of awareness about the WWHF efforts.

"Through the sale of the CD, and the 'send one to a warrior' campaign, we hope to help fund and musically show our respect for what our troops are giving," said Fisher. "At first, we had only considered a donation from the CD, but then we had the idea for the 'PASS IT ON Campaign.'

We didn't want to require a purchase on the part of our audience to share our spirit, so we decided to freely offer a quality song from 'Rhythm Of Honor.' We decided to give away a download of 'A Soldiers Daughter' at no charge, as long as the listener passes along the audio postcard to three other people.

I keep getting letters about how wonderful the song is, and every time I get to send a CD or a small donation to the hospitals, it feels great. The notes included with the CDs are so touching. It's just an incredible feeling to be able to help, even on a small scale. We can't contribute thousands of dollars, but if just one person sends that troop support CD to a Warrior, we've done something."

Brit Paul Saunders created the technological side of the effort through his company, PKS Media. He loved the CD, he thought the idea for raising awareness for the hospitals was stunning, and he and Fisher conceived the Pass It On campaign. "If we really want awareness for the hospital fund and the CD, we want friends to tell other friends. If that happens, along the way, these great warriors will find individuals who want to share with them this support-driven music, and the CD will reach the audience it strives for," said Saunders.

Fisher continues, "None of us wants war, but we do support the individual person giving their all. When someone is wounded on our behalf, there's no way to repay them the worth of that. We know there's not much we can actively do to help them recover, but to do nothing is unforgivable."

The song, "A Soldiers Daughter," is about a young girl reading her father's letters from the war, discovering him and her own pride through those letters he'd sent. Written by Debbie Iammarino, John Trentes and Reb Robinson, and performed by Robinson, the song is a mixture of rock and singer-songwriter, with a touch of country pop. It appeals across the board. The lyrics are visual and touching. The chorus states, "I am a soldier's daughter, that's what I'm most proud to be; I am a soldier's daughter, his living legacy," and the listener is hooked.

The CD itself is terrific. Points of view from a decorated Vietnam Veteran to the wife of a Ranger serving in Iraq, these writers have presented a realistic variety of flavors and tempos to inspire and encourage. The album is made up of wonderful visuals and exciting melodies. No schmaltz here, rather a feeling of excitement and pride, rhythms and excellent picture-lyrics. The CD will make you proud to be represented by our troops, and passing on the free song download will make you feel like a hero for helping.

Get a free song download AND be a Hero.

50 cents from every CD retailed goes directly to the Wounded Warriors Hospital Fund, and 95% of every donation to them goes directly to the hospitals and to help the transition of our warriors from field to home.

Please send your personal message to a recovering wounded warrior when you purchase a CD. We will immediately deliver it to an injured troop at Col. Folsom's hospitals. If you purchase a CD for a recovering warrior, your message will accompany the CD in the regular US Postal mail.

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