Americans Pay Tribute to John Garang

A powerful new poem memorializes Sudan's dead leader John Garang.

(PRWEB) August 5, 2005 -- The Post Journal is reporting that Sudan’s top selling novelist and SPLA member Kola Boof has written the new poem “Choll Apieth” in honor of Sudan’s late Vice President John Garang.

Click Here to read Kola Boof’s poem honoring John Garang:
Kola Boof, who was five years old when her late father, Arab Egyptian archeologist Harith Bin Farouk first took her to visit Garang’s home in 1978, told VOICE AMERICA RADIO, “John Garang was a Dinka, a man of enormous kindness, honor and intelligence. He believed devoutly in the potential for all Sudanese people to rise and to join as one. None of the Arab leaders in Khartoum have ever had the vision and integrity that John Garang had. He was Sudan’s best son.”

Regarding recent riots in Sudan, Ms. Boof went on to say, “In honor of Garang, I believe that we must remain calm, peaceful and observant of the Peace Agreement that he and so many others in the SPLM worked so hard to bring into being.”
In 2004, Kola Boof herself was instrumental in securing guns and ammunition for Sudan’s South Rebel Army by appealing to Israel, but in 2005 gave up her “secret agent” status to focus full time on the raising of her two sons and her writing career. Although Kola Boof was not in agreement with Sudan’s Peace Treaty and wanted to see the South Secede into a New Sudan, she says that she has complete faith in the SPLA's new leader Salva Kiir Mayardit and she praised Pagan Amum, Deng Ajak, Majak d’Agoot and Reik Machar, calling them the heroes of the landscape.
Kola Boof, an American citizen, is the author of six books published in eight countries, including “Flesh and the Devil” and “Long Train to the Redeeming Sin." She lives in the United States.

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