Doggone Crazy! First ever dog bite prevention board game for kids 4 and up

Teaching children how to behave safely around dogs is the key to dog bite prevention. This interactive and fun game is the first of its kind!

(PRWEB) January 22 2004--Each year 4.7 million people in the U.S are bitten by dogs. It is estimated that more then half of these victims are children! Doggone Crazy! is a well thought out board game designed by canine experts. Endorsed by Canadian Federation of Humane Societies as well as Professional Animal Behavior Associates doggone crazy! is selling like crazy!

Education is the key to prevention. Teaching children the do's and don'ts of safe behavior around dogs. Developed by canine behavior experts, Doggone crazy! has colorful real life photos of dogs showing a wide range of emotions and body postures for children to take into consideration. Players quiz one another and act out safe behaviors to earn bones as they move around the board.

Canine body language is very different then humans. Learning the subtle signals dogs give helps children make safer choices in how they behave around their dog or any dog. When children have the awareness and knowledge it empowers them to make good decisions.

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Just some helpful tips of many for parents about kid & k9 safety.
1. Dogs and children should never be left unsupervised.
2. Running from a dog encourages the dog to chase. Children should be a "tree" and be still with hands locked in front of them or in pant pockets.
3. Children should know to STAY away from chained dogs and dogs behind a fence.
4. If at a friends house have the parents introduce the dog to the visitor.
5. Dogs and children should never play rough.

For more dog bite prevention tips and resources please visit Jennifer Shryock is a canine behavior consultant in Cary, NC that specializes in safe kid & k9 interaction. contact: e-mail protected from spam bots 919.961.1608

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