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The UnderCoverComfort™ unisex Holster Systems™, For Law Enforcement Professionals and Civilians with Conceal Carry Permits Is Now Available Online At

Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) March 12, 2004--UnderCoverComfort™ “ Optimum Tactical Performance Apparels™ “ (UCComfort™) is the brainchild of Al Samson formerly a Police Detective with the Bronx County District Attorney's office in New York. He's worked as an undercover officer in some of the toughest neighborhoods in New York City and is now actively involved in the fight against terrorism and protecting the Homeland.

"I couldn't find a concealment holster that was comfortable enough to wear for up to 14 plus hours a day, so I invented the various aspect of the UnderCoverComfort Holster System. I wanted to make them available online so that all those with the legal right under the law that carry conceal weapons such as cops working undercover could take a look at it. The web site's has been our main distribution channel and now with our new innovative products and due to the overwhelming demands we are looking for retailers interested in distributing our products," says Samson.    

Unique Features

- Field-tested comfortable for over 14 plus hour days, as the weight of the gun is evenly distributed for less strain on your back, hips and legs.
- Immediate, unobtrusive access to your weapon (even when seated)
- Room to carry handcuffs, two or three magazines and a compact flashlight
- Fits a wide variety of handguns: large frame Berettas, Glocks, Sig 228/ 229, revolvers, small-caliber pistols and everything in- between. According to Samson the UnderCoverComfort™ Holster System can be modified to even fit Tasers and other weapons.

Tired of wearing sweaty, bulky, holsters that that never seemed to stay in place, Samson decided what he needed, then used his creative problem solving skills to invent an innovative, stealth-like holster for those who carry concealed weapons under difficult circumstances.

"When working undercover, you have to earn the trust of the people you're investigating. You have to discreetly blend into any setting without looking like an armed undercover cop," explains Samson."

The UCComfort Compression Shirt Holster™, (patent pending) is designed for ease of access as the weapon is positioned under the arm where it conceals best.

To compliment the newly created holster, Samson also designed a dress shirt with "QuickSnap-Buttons" that can be worn over the UCC Shirt Holster for that quick and easy access to the weapon.

For those looking for another means of concealment Samson invented the Tactical Pants Holster System (Tact-Pants™) Compression Pants is designed to provide an easy access to a concealed weapon. The TacT-Pants™ Holster System is designed to carry and conceal most handguns. From a full-sized to mid size such as Sig 229 to the small Glock and the small Beretta Tomcat, and more. Cargo Short/pants to be Worn over the TacT Compression Holster, UCComfort Cargo Pants/Short are specially made to be worn over for the Tact Compression System which provides an easy concealed access your conceal weapon. A must have in attire and convenience.

With summer just around the corner Samson states that those wearing the UnderCoverComfort apparels will be able to wear casual sportswear without having to advertise to the public that they are carrying a conceal weapon, and in today’s environment that’s a good thing explain Samson, especially for those in law enforcement.

For more information and to order and see pictures of the various UnderCoverComfort Conceal Carry Holster Systems and other performance apparel, visit the UnderCoverComfort web site at

Samson is available for interviews about his invention and welcomes your inquiries by email or phone.

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The UnderCoverComfort Tactical Shirt Holster System, member tested and recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association currently, in use by Military personnel, U.S Federal Agents, State Police, City Police and numerous other law enforcement agencies and professionals and civilians with the legal right to carry a conceal weapon.

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