Local Woman, Yvonne F. Brown, Chosen For Leadership Opportunity

Yvonne F. Brown, Founder & President of Ball of Gold Corporation, is one of 18 Illinois women selected to participate in this year's Leadership Illinois Program.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 8, 2004--A Chicago woman has been selected to participate in a leadership development program designed to assist women leaders in shaping civic, state and national public policy.

Yvonne F. Brown, Founder and President of Ball of Gold Corporation, is one of 18 Illinois women selected to participate in this year’s Leadership Illinois program. Leadership Illinois, a unique professional development opportunity, offers women who have demonstrated leadership achievements in the public, private or volunteer sectors an opportunity to gain insights about important issues facing other organizations, leadership styles, and creative problem-solving techniques. The program also encourages business; cultural and political leaders to recognize the achievements made by women leaders and utilize their skills in decision-making roles.

Modeled after the nationally acclaimed Leadership America program, the Leadership Illinois curriculum includes three multi-day conferences. Power of Government, recently held in Springfield, featured presentations by state leaders, including Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Senate President Emil Jones. Participants gained in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of state government, with a particular focus on the development of public policy, the budget process, running for public office, ethics, and the power of public will.

Other conferences include Power of the Individual, scheduled for Decatur in July, which will explore topics fundamental to an understanding of leadership and personal power; and Power of the Marketplace, to be held in Chicago in October, where participants will hear presentations by representatives of major corporations offering insights into the realities of the marketplace and the many dimensions of change and technology.

For more information about Leadership Illinois, please contact Cindy Deadrick, Program Director, at 1-877-LEAD-IL, or write her at Leadership Illinois, P. O. Box 588, Decatur, IL 62525-0588.

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