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Kathryn A. Graham, the Texas Director for Armed Females of America and co-owner of Safetynet Associates, has just launched a new Internet domain located at, which contains a huge, completely separate, non-commercial and comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions list, or “FAQ,” covering the Texas Concealed Handgun Law. Over the next few months, Armed Females of America and Safetynet Associates have established an alliance to assist in building similar web sites for the numerous other U.S. states that have current shall-issue concealed carry legislation, using state certified instructor volunteers in their individual states who may also promote their own commercial licensing classes as compensation for their efforts, provided they do so with taste and in separate web documents.

(PRWEB) February 8, 2004 - San Antonio, TX -- The new Texas web site already has more than 115 articles containing information for Texans on how to apply for a concealed handgun license, the Texas rules and laws governing licensees (including the changes in law that went into effect on September 1, 2003), gun safety, conflict resolution, proper conduct upon contact with law enforcement, additional resources for information about other states and reciprocity for the Texas license, firearms rights advocacy organizations, and more.

The FAQ web site is extremely easy and intuitive to use, and visitors are encouraged to post new questions for Kathryn Graham and John Tarsikes, equal partners in Safetynet Associates, to consider answering publicly in the FAQ for everyone to access the information. There is no charge or obligation at any time for this question and answer service, and you may post your questions completely anonymously. You may also answer any open question for another person, with personal or anonymous credit for the answer. Your answer will be held long enough for any necessary editing and so it may be checked for accuracy against the current law in Texas, and then if it is clear and accurate, it will posted with or without credit, as you direct.

As a result, this is expected to be an evolving and growing collection of documents, with frequent new information - in other words, a growing online library on concealed carry in Texas. While Graham and Tarsikes, as non-attorneys, may not interpret the law or give legal advice, they can and will tell you what the statute says. They hope, in the future, to find an attorney volunteer to answer more interpretive questions.

The copyright on the site is very clear, and it explicitly grants permission to print all or any part of the FAQ for your own study or to pass on to another interested party without charge, provided credit is properly attributed for the material. The only restrictions are that no fees may ever be charged for the information, and the information needs to be refreshed from the main site frequently to keep up with new changes. If you are a certified instructor for Texas, you may use all or any part of this information or its organization on this site to assist you in providing your own state-required class and charge your usual fee for your time in teaching the class, provided you do not charge an additional fee for this material. If you are a webmaster, you may link to the entire FAQ, or print individual sections or articles for use on your own web site(s), provided the articles are properly attributed and there is no charge for anyone to access the information. Notification in all cases is appreciated, but never required.

Both Ms. Graham and Mr. Tarsikes are certified concealed handgun instructors for Texas, and they teach frequent classes together for concealed handgun license applicants and renewals in the San Antonio area, as well as throughout Texas, in addition to their private investigations and security businesses which make up the core services of Safetynet Associates.

“As things actually stood until I built this site,” Ms. Graham comments, “there was no single place to easily access all of this information on Texas unless you actually spent the necessary funds to apply for the license and take the state-mandated class – at which point you only hoped that your instructor would provide it all in a clear and understandable format during the 10-15 hour class. Many of our students over the years have had a lot of questions for us before they even felt entirely comfortable in making the decision to apply for the license. The Texas Department of Public Safety has always been quite cordial and willing to answer all questions for interested parties, but the concealed handgun people at DPS are very short-handed, and it can take some time to get an answer. Also, many people are understandably hesitant to approach a government agency to ask questions about firearms, either because they are afraid of personal embarrassment due to unfamiliarity with firearms and/or the law, or because they are afraid of getting their names on some possible government ‘watch’ list.

“Unless you ask for personal credit on an article you post, which you are certainly more than welcome to do,” Graham continues, “we will never even know, or care, who is actually posting. We will review the information for clarity and accuracy under current Texas laws, but we will not attempt to identify the poster. That’s the whole point of this site. We expect this site to become a very, very busy place, and we expect to have all we can do just to keep up with providing legitimate answers and information on changes in the law as they take place. Short of a subpoena, the State isn’t going to get any identifying information on you from our web server logs if you want to keep it that way - and the sort of thing that John and I think might generate such a subpoena would concern actual illegal activity in the first place – and not the mere asking of a question. This site is meant to be a public information repository for all law-abiding Texans with an interest in firearms safety, laws and concealed carry. That’s all we intend for it to be.”

Both Graham and Tarsikes are strong advocates of the right to keep and bear arms. “As a retired police officer myself,” Tarsikes says, “I can deeply appreciate the fact that every single U.S. state that has passed shall-issue concealed carry legislation to date has seen extraordinary reductions in violent crime. This is not rocket science! Nor is it any sort of crime for any citizen to try to determine what the law is or how to follow it without getting into trouble. This web site contains real world, practical information from ordinary law-abiding people who have carried legally every day for years under this law (which group includes more than 234,000 active licenses as of this date), and something of this nature would have settled many of my own concerns before I applied for the license in the first place. Kate and I now hope that our site will help to settle those same concerns for other people, as well as providing a quick reference and refresher material for those who already have an active license.”

“And,” Kate adds with a twinkle in her eye, “the more people who carry under the laws of this state without ever getting into trouble, the harder it will become for our legislators to ever pass state legislation attempting to take this very fundamental right away from us – and the easier it will become to pass badly needed state legislation restoring true Second Amendment carry under the U.S. Constitution - as the State of Alaska has recently done to our great surprise and joy, rolling back decades of state gun control laws. If I have a personal or political agenda for making this effort, that’s it in a nutshell. Go ahead – please – and make the whole thing completely unnecessary! Put us all out of business as license instructors! We want that more than anything in the world. We would much rather spend our time just teaching people how to shoot safely and accurately. If nothing else, it’s a heckuva lot more fun!”

To volunteer for this effort in your own state and find out what it will entail, please contact Safetynet Associates at 830-832-4189 or email the national offices of Armed Females of America at e-mail protected from spam bots.

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Or contact John or Kathryn at 830-832-4189.

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