Block the Judiciary,let the Passion of Christ Play on the large screen only and not in everday life of everyday people

Why to promote a corrupt system,fully financed by the public without any request for reform in return?

(PRWEB) March 28, 2004--“Democrats in Senate Issue threat to block court nominees”(New York Times 3/27/04)

We have to block and stop any new nominations until and unless the system is reformed and corruption cleaned out. (See:

The congress and senate should not be an employment agency for a system broken beyond repair that perform daily atrocities, akin to terrorism, on our rights for life, liberty and property. It is insane to pay for the atrocities and say “Thank you Judge” or “Thank you terrorist”.

Stop promoting corruption; dissolve the appellate courts, which affirm all the atrocities, and save the peoples money. Nothing wrong will happen if we’ll dissolve all appellate courts, they affirm anyway all the wrong decisions.

Allow attorneys to be independent and allow them to be part of the reform, provide incentives to judges to break the ‘Black wall of silence’, which is as bad as the police ‘Blue wall of silence’

Judges that are unable or unwilling to perform their job should be removed from office and not granted a life time right to abuse the people who finance them. (Send them home with their pension.)

Start the reform now, step by step, so we’ll be able to have in due time a clean system of justice as we expect the case to be in Iraq.

Provided by: Black Wall Of Silence Inc. A non- profit organization dedicated to the cause of justice.

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