Phoenix Disaster Services LLC Offers Communities and Counties Assistance in Preparing for Disasters

The Homeland Security Advisor program provides community leaders expert professional Homeland Security support

San Antonio, TX,(PRWEB) October 1, 2004: On October 1st Phoenix Disaster Services will begin providing its new Homeland Security Advisor (HSA) program to rural and small urban community leaders across Texas. After 9-11 the Federal government began working on strategies to improve community and county response to terrorist threats by providing billions of dollars in Homeland Security Grant Funds. However, with these grants came complex rules and regulations on how to spend the money. The HSA program allows rural and small urban communities and counties access to a professional Homeland Security Advisor who will assist the jurisdiction with managing their Homeland Security Grant funds. As an added benefit, the Advisor helps the community improve its emergency management program without taxing already strained budgets.

Mr. Brian Dopp, president of Phoenix Disaster Services and the designer of HSA stated, “The goal of the HSA program is to help communities and counties build a stronger and more effective emergency management program. Unfortunately, the complex rules and regulations of all the Homeland Security grants just swamp the rural and small urban communities. Because they cannot afford to hire a full-time person to unravel the programs, the smaller communities can’t get access to the funds. The HSA program is designed to provide the expertise of a qualified, full time person at a less then part-time rate.”

Phoenix Disaster Services LLC, a San Antonio based company, provides communities and counties with professional Emergency Management and Homeland Security support services. In the past three years PDS worked with over 40 cities, counties, and Council of Governments. PDS offers a free email newsletter called The Disaster Newsletter which discusses emergency management issues and is available on thier website at

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