Nick Clooney, U.S. Congressional Candidate for Kentucky's 4th District, Announces Homeland Security Priorities

Nick Clooney, U.S. Congressional Candidate for Kentucky's 4th District, speaking to firefighters in Latonia, Kentucky, announced his ideas about Homeland Security and his recommended Homeland Security Priorities. The outline of Mr. Clooney's four point plan follows.

Latonia, KY (PRWEB) August 11, 2004 -- Today Nick Clooney, Democratic Congressional Candidate for Kentucky's 4th District, met with firefighters in Latonia, Kentucky, to discuss what they needed to effectively do their jobs as the front line defense in the war on terror.

Mr. Clooney laid out a plan to equip all of our firefighters, police officers, and emergency personnel with the tools they need to respond to a terrorist attack.

“Our government’s primary responsibility is to provide for the safety of the American people. We have made progress on that front since 9/11, but now must take the next step and immediately equip our front line defenders in the war on terror,” Clooney said.

Clooney stated four key proposals to aid our first responders in our government’s most important mission.

1. Secure our sites that are the most vulnerable to terrorist attacks with a renewed mission and emphasis placed on the National Guard, the Coast Guard, and new technology.
2. Provide the necessary funds to our first responders to acquire the equipment and training that they need.
3. Immediately pass an act such as the Interoperable Communications Technology Grant Program to insure radio interoperability between first responders.
4. Immediately fund the SAFER act which would aid localities in hiring 75,000 new firefighters.

Mr. Clooney added, “It is the duty of a Congressman to determine how to spend limited resources in the best interest of his constituents while keeping the budget balanced. There is no more important priority than funding the critical needs of the men and women who protect our homeland every day.”

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