HighViz Consulting Group's HVCG Federal Division starts advisory council on Native American marketing matters - revising company infrastructure to supply better support tribal entities

HighViz, small, woman owned company, seeks to build business within Native American tribal entities -- does not want to see outsourcing outrun work that may be done 'on the res'

Haymarket, VA (PRWEB) September 30, 2004 (UPDATED NEWS) -- Abbe Buck, Principal Consultant and CEO of HighViz Consulting Group, (HVCG), small, woman owned/SDB, has opened the corporation up to having an Advisory Council. This council will assist Ms. Buck and her team in training and securing outsourced employment in non-traditional locations such as Native American Indian reservations, which are recognized as HUBZones by the Small Business Administration (www.sba.gov/hubzone) and the US Department of Commerce (http://www.mbda.gov/).

Ms. Buck's council currently includes those in the tribal community and education community, including Pro-Forms, a corporation that instructs students at vocation schools how to obtain IT -related employment, Chitimacha Solutions, a Tribal owned company operated by the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana, Critcal Design Analysis, a Management Consulting firm, in addition to advisors which include several key technology managers in DoD agencies, and in the US Department of Commerce.

Abbe Buck of HighViz Consulting Group and HVCG Federal, a FirstGov certified partner, saiys "We have a high goal that we want to reach during Federal year 2005. This is to obtain complete training and employment for "Contact Center Management", "Light Manufacturing" and "Information Technology". These are teams that can be developed, who reside on Indian Reservations." Buck explained that the The residents in several areas in the Nation's Southwest and Northeastern States have previously proven to have the ability to work virtually on-site and worldwide for Federal agencies and major corporations seeking needed technical and CRM support. Federal Government agencies, both Military and Civilian, have hired individual technical representatives under the SBA's HUBZone program, which may guarantee Federal funding through this vehicle. Major corporations such as DELL, Ford Motor Company and Capital One, have expressed interest in the possibility of underwriting HighViz projects that are being developed for native American entities, known as "Transformational Outsourcing", in many marketing circles, rather than outsource work to countries outside the US, such as India, ROK/South Korea and Malaysia. "I get e-mails on a daily basis to have work go to Bangalore, India by way of Nutley, New Jersey and San Antonio, Texas. This outsourcing should and must stop. We can keep the work here within our borders and prove that all of our American people are ably qualified." Buck said.

HighViz Consulting's clients have included Youngbird, Inc. (Arapaho - Cheyenne) Lakota Technologies (Cheyenne River Sioux, under the CGI Corporation), Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians of Palm Springs, California, (through Greenberg Traurig) Chitimacha Solutions, Inc., a Tribal owned 8(a) located in St. Mary's County, Louisiana. HighViz also has EZ Certify, Inc. as an active client, (www.ezcertify.com); Buck feels that "EZ Certify, is the top 8(a) certification company , which specializes in SBA 8(a) certification for minority and woman-owned small business corporations."

HighViz/HVCG currently has locations in Tysons Corner, Virginia and Haymarket, Virginia, and is small, woman owned, and spends time in the western, southwest and northeast regions of the US.

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