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Save Your Marriage Central announces its drive to create a national day to honor and celebrate fidelity to the marital vows and to debunk the myth that an affair is a love story. Governors are already being contacted. Responses are favorable.

Prescott, WI (PRWEB) July 8, 2004 -- Marriages all over the world are being devastated by the latest Julia Roberts story celebrating her pregnancy with the husband she "bought" from his former wife in a nasty divorce battle. SYMC director and marriage coach Penny Tupy deals with the impact on a daily basis. She's not shy about pointing a finger at the entertainment industry as being guilty of glorifying infidelity. "When marital infidelity among celebrities is portrayed as a love story, it demonstrates total disdain for the sanctity of marriage. We forget that real people, including innocent children, suffer very real and lasting hurt from these affairs," says Tupy from her home in Prescott, Wisconsin. Tupy brainstormed a solution to counteract the negative impact, a national day to honor faithfulness to marital vows.

Marriage Fidelity Day is a celebration reminding us that marriage is a lifelong commitment to remain faithful in mind, body, and spirit to the covenant of marriage. Tupy and a group of volunteers are working to establish September 15th as the day set aside to honor this commitment and to highlight the destructiveness of infidelity. The initiative is well under way. More than half of the governors in U.S have been contacted already with favorable response. The ground-breaking initiative will move into in high gear over the next two months.

Governors receive a copy of the proclamation and a brief letter describing the initiative. The National Director for the initiative, Cindy Wolfe, will personally follow up with each of the governors’ offices to answer any questions and establish a working relationship with them.

SYMC chapters around the country will sponsor the Marriage Fidelity Day Proclamation within their home states. SYMC Chapters are extension of the SYMC marriage advocacy project and coordinate events throughout the year in support of marriage and family.

SYMC is also seeking grassroots endorsement and support for the Marriage Fidelity Day drive from several groups around the country. "Changing the perception of infidelity is not something we can do alone," says Wolfe, "We are reaching out and joining forces with the many other organizations that care deeply about marriage, family and children." Tupy plans to expand these contacts when she attends and presents at the Smart Marriages Conference in Dallas later this week.

Tupy's dream and passion is to debunk the myth that an affair is a love story and to reestablish a commitment to marriage and family. Marriage Fidelity Day is a landmark event in this crusade.

To join or start an SYMC chapter in your area or for more information on Marriage Fidelity Day contact Cindy Wolfe, National Director of Save Your Marriage Central Marriage Fidelity Day at 303-239-9892.

To view the Marriage Fidelity Day Proclamation or to see SYMC's Progressive Definition of Marriage visit

About SYMC:
SYMC is a multi-faceted organization that specializes in helping marriages overcome infidelity. The stated goal is to "Change the face of how marriages are healed worldwide." Services and projects include professional coaching for marriages in crisis, a School of Coaching, packages of support services for clients, grassroots activism such as the Marriage Fidelity Day, and a global network of Volunteers known as the Village. SYMC was started in 2002 by Penny Tupy and has grown from a simple coaching practice to a worldwide presence.


Cindy Wolfe
National Director – Marriage Fidelity Day
Penny R. Tupy
Founder and Director SYMC

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