"Let Freedom Ring, Inc." to Promote Positive Political Agenda, Counter George Soros and Anti-Bush 527's

"Let Freedom Ring, Inc." is a new non-profit, grassroots organization supporting the Conservative agenda and countering the efforts of Democrat 527 organizations like MoveOn.org, The Media Fund and America Coming Together.

West Chester, PA (PRWEB) May 25, 2004 -- Conservative activist and former Chester County PA Commissioner Colin A. Hanna announced today the formation of a new national grassroots organization, Let Freedom Ring, Inc., to counter the millions of dollars being spent to attack and discredit President Bush by leftist organizations supported by billionaire George Soros, Hollywood liberals and others.

“Let Freedom Ring will promote a positive political philosophy based upon respect for Constitutional principles, economic freedom and traditional values,” said Hanna, President of the non-profit organization.

"We think that Americans are basically positive and optimistic, and want to be inspired rather than repelled by politics. That's why Let Freedom Ring will not engage in negative personal or partisan political attacks," said Hanna. "We want to reach out to patriotic Americans, especially people of faith, and encourage them not to let mud-slinging by the left turn them off to our political process."

"We will not be simply a conservative version of MoveOn.org and The Media Fund. We will not engage in attacking Senator Kerry the way those organizations attack President Bush. Instead, we will promote the basic values of freedom, fairness, compassion, responsibility and global leadership that distinguish America as the ‘shining city on a hill’ that President Reagan spoke of so proudly. Let Freedom Ring will fund the creation of television commercials, videos, documentaries, web campaigns, voter registration drives and citizen mobilization efforts that will reinforce these values and inspire a new generation of Americans to participate actively in our political process by reminding them of the issues that we all care about."
"We're fortunate to have already received gifts and pledges exceeding one million dollars, and as we seek to raise more, hopefully much more, we think that our positive message will strike a responsive chord in the hearts of Americans everywhere and be uplifting in the entire public policy debate," said Hanna.

Billionaire George Soros and other wealthy liberals sympathetic to the Democratic party have pledged to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to attempt to destroy President Bush's credibility in their effort to ensure his defeat this November. Soros said that driving George W. Bush out of office had become "the central focus" of his life, betraying a level of vindictiveness seldom seen in American politics. Organizations like MoveOn.org and The Media Fund have benefited from such funding to create viciously negative political advertising including two spots made for televisison that tried to draw parallels between President Bush and Adolph Hitler. Although the groups call themselves "Progressive," their focus appears to be entirely personal and negative against President Bush, without proposing a philosophical alternative.

"We think that American voters are tired of negative campaigning and deceptive attack advertising, and that they will quickly embrace a new player on the political field committed to a positive, upbeat, optimistic presentation of political issues," Hanna said.

More information on Let Freedom Ring can be found at www.letfreedomring.com .

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/5/prweb128395.htm