Campaign Finance Reform with an Attitude

Online Solutions Group announces the launch of (ib) -- the website that advocates ridding Congress of corruption by voting against all congressional incumbents regardless of party or record.

Oak Ridge, TN, (PRWeb) April 26, 2004 Ė- Are you sick and tired of career politicians in Washington paying back big campaign contributors with money from your wallet? If you're not, you should be.

Next time you wonder why you pay 3-5 times more for prescription drugs than your Canadian neighbors pay, think about the more than $200 million dollars in campaign contributions the big drug companies have contributed to career politicians in Congress since 1998, and youíll have your answer.

Next time you wonder how the credit card companies keep burying you in debt with double-digit interest, think about the more than $1,000 million dollars in campaign contributions credit card companies and financial institutions have contributed to career politicians in Washington since 1998, and youíll get the connection.

Career politicians depend on big money campaign contributors to be reelected and thatís why you lose every time Congress passes a bill or exercises their influence. Remember Enron, Medicare Reform, World Com, the rising price of gasoline, and the list goes on.

Campaign finance reform is the lynchpin that will determine the future character of our democracy. McCain-Feingold failed to get the job done, and if voters donít take control of the situation in 2004, the situation is only going to get worse.

Incumbent Busters tells you how to get the job done by using your vote as a force for change. Instead of going along with the crowd that reelects the incumbents in Congress 95% of the time, you'll learn why you must vote against all congressional incumbents regardless of party or record.

Nothing less than a voter revolution will motivate Congress and the White House to enact campaign finance reform that removes the cancer of Influence-Buying-Money from the political system.

Log on to and learn how to make Congress accountable to the people.

It is time to bring common sense back into politics and transform Congress from a "Ruling Class" into a government of the people, by the people and for the people.


Two brothers with the support of family and friends started Online Solutions Group, LLC. The impetus for came out of concern that Congress was no longer accountable to the voters, but instead indebted to its campaign financiers. Shortly after the Enron disaster so clearly showed how Congressí self-serving campaign finance practices endangered our democracy, Alan Delaney and Archie Haynes stopped complaining and starting acting.

Archie and Alan provided startup funding for (ib). Others contributed their time and talent. Ongoing funding comes from donations and gift store sales.

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