First Time Author Burns Rubber and Gets Away With It

Michael Kenworthy's book, "Close Calls With the Cops" teaches us how to get out speeding tickets and keeps us laughing.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 7, 2005 -- Just about everyone has had a close encounter with the police, but some of us have miraculously gotten away with it. Whether people use their charm, wit, humor, or simply rely on the sympathy of the police, Michael Kenworthy’s book Close Calls With The Cops reveals that the truth is definitely stranger than fiction, and that the police are probably back at the station laughing at the things we say right now. The 115 page, soft cover “Self-Help” book is loaded with comic illustrations, famous quotes about the law, jokes, quizzes, instructions on how to beat a ticket, tricks on how to have your traffic fines reduced, and tips for getting traffic school every time you get a ticket.

Kenworthy plays upon today’s active interest in reality entertainment with the first in his novel-reality series that explores the Lighter Side of the Law. Close Calls With The Cops is based on the unbelievably true humor, modern folklore and urban legends that come out of people’s interactions with the police and from the police themselves.

At the official website,, you can get instructions on how to fight your ticket and win, learn how to get out of Photo-enforced tickets, enjoy further police humor, and for the first time - share your own experiences LIVE with others in the Close Calls Message Board.

Kenworthy has been a professional journalist, credited actor, ex-dot-comer, accomplished inventor and highly successful evader of the police. He is currently working with the police with on the inverse version of this book, Close Calls with the Criminals. Kenworthy is also available for public appearances, interviews and press conferences. He can be seen this month on Kurt “The Cyberguys” syndicated news show and The Bob and Tom Morning Radio show. Please check the website for updates, and to learn how to take part in the nationwide search to find the best Close Calls story in America where people can win cash prizes and the chance to be featured in Volume 2. Excerpts from his book are also available for magazine publishing, including jokes, top ten lists, expert advice, quizzes and the hilarious lists of bizarre foreign traffic laws.

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