This DIY Conveyancing Kit Promises to Save Sellers Over 250.00 in Legal Fees; It Comes With Access to a Back-Up Service In case Seller Hits a Snag

This DIY Conveyancing Kit has been prepared by a qualified conveyancer with nearly 30 years experience of residential conveyancing. It includes everything the house seller needs to do their own conveyancing and has access to a back-up advice service in case of unexpected snags

(PRWEB) July 14, 2005 -- This DIY Conveyancing Kit is a step-by-step guide that shows the property seller exactly what they need to do to save hundreds of pounds in legal fees when they sell their property. Written by a fully qualified specialist property lawyer with almost 30 years experience, the kit covers the special things you need to know when doing your own conveyancing.

You can quickly learn what you need to know to handle the conveyancing work on your property sale. All the forms are supplied together with simple to follow advice on how to complete them. Remember, the nuts and bolts of most residential conveyancing is done by unqualified staff. Residential conveyancing is not particularly difficult; it just requires care and attention to detail. And in case the seller hits an unexpected snag, the Kit also provides access to a Back-Up advice service.

The guide covers everything a seller needs to know about handling their own conveyancing on a sale. And if the backup service is not enough and the seller wants to use a professional property lawyer after all, he's put in touch with a qualified conveyancer who can take over the conveyancing work. The seller has pay their normal fees, of course, but the cost of the kit is deducted from the total bill, so the seller just can't lose.

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