Abortion In America

     One of the most debated issues in America is abortion: Pro-life or pro-choice.

This is a decision that each person has to make for him or herself. Many people
say that abortion is the woman's choice. I firmly believe, however, that if the
woman is willing to have sex, she should be willing to suffer the consequences.

Being a female myself, I am now with the consequences of choosing to be sexually
active. But after hearing that innocent heartbeat, I know it will be worth it.

Not everyone feels this way. Over one million babies will be aborted this year
because of the careless actions of the sexually active. When Roe v. Wade
legalized abortion, it was because a woman was raped and became pregnant due to
those unfortunate circumstances, not because she was looking for the easy way
out (Schmitt). Abortion has become a form of birth control. Instead of using
condoms, birth control, and the best form, abstinence, women have turned to
killing the innocent. Abortion is at an all time high. Once a sperm and an egg
meet, the egg is fertilized. "You then have a new human being. You have the
total DNA, everything that human being will ever be" (Pro-Life). This is
not an ant to be stepped on; this is a human life being put to an end because of
the negligence of two people (National). In the last few years, the right to die
has been a highly debated issue in America. Should people with terminal
illnesses be able to choose whether they live or die? I feel this relates well
to the issue of abortion. Being pregnant is not a terminal illness. It's not an
illness at all. It's a live, breathing, growing human being. Shouldn't that
human being have the right to life? Lawmakers have said that people do not have
the right to die, so why can't a baby have the right to live? Life is a precious
thing, whether inside or outside of the body. It is not something to be toyed
with or taken granted of. A baby, no matter what form they're in, is precious
and important. And no matter what mistakes were made by the parents, that baby
should have the right to live. It's not a choice; it's a baby.


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