Digital Picture Recovery, Recover Lost Images From Media Cards; Digital Photo Recovery is Now Available!

What happens if your precious photos are lost? If you've lost your digital media files or digital image files on a media device or stick, eProvided will recover them, digital photo recovery, there is now a solution.

(PRWEB) October 17, 2004 -- Compactflash Data Recovery - Digital Image Recovery ( and more... now offers instant image downloads. If you have a corrupted media device from a digital camera or device such as a USB Stick or Jump Drive or any device with memory. Once your data or images are recovered you can download them right away online.

Consumers are now equipped with digital cameras, memory sticks & USB drives. What if something goes wrong? If you use a digital camera or digital media device and have images you can't retrieve, now you can. People are unaware of digital image recovery and think they've lost their photos or data permanently; 94% of image/data recovery cases eProvided handles end successfully retrieved.

eProvided is one of the fastest growing digital image recovery companies. The company's Q.A. Manager, Bruce Cullen, and his team have a wealth of experience in file recovery, currently assisting consumers nationwide, Europe and Eastern Europe.

Most people think the technology is so complicated that the images are gone, not true. The Image-Recoverę process salvages lost digital images and data from a wide variety of corrupt, deleted, or damaged media cards:

SmartMedia | CompactFlash | Memory Stick | MMC-SD | MiniSD | Microdrive | SD or PC Card storage device | USB Devices - Jump Drives | Hard Drives - USB Hard Drives | CD-RW/CD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R | iPod - iStick | xD Card | all others

Digital Photo Recovery ( - eProvided photo recovery services are used by high-profile clients such as NASA and U.S. White House Representatives. All digital media devices are recoverable; eProvided is ready when something goes awry. Recovered data is delivered on CD-Rom or downloaded immediately online & available in 24 hours or less.

eProvided is currently looking for photo recovery partners in Europe & is interested in working with digital card makers to support & outsource consumers recovery needs.'s president states, "It's a win-win for both the buyers of the media card devices and the makers."

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