Deadly Force Victim Published Posthumously

In his first, recently published journal, Bartlett IL native, Nicholas P. Covelli expresses his ideas, philosophy, humor and most intimate feelings. “The Logician’s Handbook” (ISBN: 1-4137-2586-4, paperback, PublishAmerica) encourages us to think about what we see and hear in our everyday lives, in order to advance the human spirit.

Bartlett, IL (PRWEB) October 13, 2004 -- “The Logician’s Handbook” is a frank and meaningful collection of thoughts expounding on philosophy and a hope for cooperation between us all. It urges us to think about what we read and then write for ourselves. It describes competition as a barrier to agreement, and contains some insightful observations of the world we have created and ideas to evolve to our full potential. “Discussion is the procession to agreement.”

“The Logician’s Handbook” by Nicholas P. Covelli is available for purchase at: (the author’s website)

Nicholas P. Covelli grew up in Bartlett, IL, but in August 2002, he decided to explore what California had to offer. He was in the process of writing a screenplay, composing music and writing lyrics, along with documenting his thoughts in his journals. On a very cold early morning in February 2003, Nicholas was assaulted and left in a remote area. He was bloody, barefoot, dazed and confused, but managed to escape his attacker(s) and stumble to a residential area where he yelled for help to get to a hospital. A kind gentleman called an ambulance, but a Kern County Sheriff’s Department deputy in Frazier Park, CA, arrived on the scene first and shot and killed an unarmed and injured Nicholas. The deputy claims he heard someone yell “he may have a gun”. Strangely, interviews of at least seven (7) witnesses who were in a position to hear this, heard no such warning. Even the Kern County Sheriff’s Department admits they have not found anyone to corroborate this. A federal civil suit is in progress.

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